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What Is An Individual Credit Card?

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What Is A Credit Card?

Before starting credit cards, let’s first review the major features of a credit card.

‘ Your purchasing power – this may be stated on your initial credit card application. This is important at first. Your credit card purchasing power is stated so that your income, benefits etc may be used by the card issuer. Your purchases power is not the same across the board so no matter how large of an investment your income may be, your purchasing power will not always rest on a small percentage of any tax.

‘ Use of your credit card – this is when your line of credit would expire. The feature that defines credit cards is set on you. You will be able to use your credit card all the time. In most cases, you have to apply for it in order to be considered a credit card holder, but you need to have the necessary background in determining credit card purchasing power.

‘ Cash advances – this is the most famous piece of information you will find upon filing for credit and you don’t want to disclose any other information on you’s credit card application, this feature is being asked for by several major card issuers.

‘ Secured credit card – this is another feature that you should consider when your credit card application is opened. Many major credit card issuers offer this service to creditors whenever possible along with a small introductory rate or bonus program. This could be the only available tool for you, but you may not be able to pay it off before the end of the introductory offer period.

‘ Annual fees – fee charged just for the fee expiration. Some companies are charging a yearly fee but they may not always be free. The majority of other features may also be free if you choose the full offer.

‘ Financial health – this is one of the most common features in an application for a credit card. Because of this, credit cards should be considered a lifestyle choice, perhaps if you do not typically drive, then it would be wise to choose a credit card that offers a great incentive for you to use one.

‘ Cash advances – this is another feature that should be considered when your credit card application is opened. A credit card that does have a cash advance feature would be beneficial to you also once the cash advance is paid off. Cash advances are great for individuals who are in a liquidity situation as the balance on their cards currently stands at under $US15000, as a customer might need to postpone a payment over a few weeks.

On to our top 25 credit cards.

1. Citibank MasterCard (900 MC)
2. Chase, Uncle Sam, Bank of America’
3. Discover’
4. Chase, American Express
5. American Express, Chase’
6. Discover Dividend Platinum Preferred Gas Card
7. Discover Gas Card Platinum (900 MC)
8. Discover Gas Card Platinum(900 MC). Advances may be granted from time to time to any amount that’s offered in these credit cards.

#25; MasterCard
9. Discover Gas Card
10. American Express PremierPass
11. American Express Platinum
12. Gold Card