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What Are Online Bad Credit Accounts?

Many credit card companies have many different types of online credit accounts. You could get both a standard credit card and a bad credit account.

For example, many credit card companies have accounts for those with scores 600 or above that don’t qualify for the sort of rewards programs or Platinum credit cards. Many have “rebates” or ‘rewards’ cards that allow you to charge purchases to your card for which you’re earning points. Normally these cards will give you a percentage increase on your percentage earned that month. Once you hit an initial cap on your credit card account, you lose your rewards and also pay interest on the lower cap.

With bad credit accounts, the amount of credit you’ll receive taken out of your account determines if you’ll qualify for the low-interest credits programs for which you’re receiving your rewards.

How Good Are the Credit Reports Card Companies – Not all companies will have their own credit card programs but they can typically give you the credit card accounts of very good companies.

The actual credit reports the three card issuers hold are somewhat different. Each credit reporting company is required to hold a separate annual credit report which can be viewed online or in the form that they send to their customers.

For online purchases, each of the major card issuers will issue a separate online credit reporting.

If you’re concerned about your credit report being compromised by identity theft or unauthorized use, it would be a good idea to update your credit report regularly with the new information. This requires a commitment from the credit card issuers.

While some companies may not ask you to submit information about yourself to update your credit report, you can. For example, an individual may choose to not send a report containing your name, social security number, and the amounts on your credit card the day they receive your cards payment.

Unfortunately, identity thieves can hack into your credit report and steal all the items you’ve listed because just because you’ve listed a recent credit report does not make it ‘high security’ to them. If the thieves send you junk mail offering you a zero percent APR or help you pay off your balances over time, it’s a good idea to contact the credit reporting company immediately and see if you qualify for a zero APR credit card.

Another tip that could put an individual’s credit rating at risk is someone who has taken the ‘no passwords’ policy out of ordinary. If someone tries to take your credit card information, you can see who you’ve signed up for and why. A thief can use your PIN and have you memorize your PIN number. The details may even get lost, but you can be confident in calling the credit reporting company and telling them you have done so.

If you trust your information with a credit card company or a financial institution, you should try calling the creditor and see if they have altered its privacy policy to make it less secure to you. In some cases, the credit reporting company can remove personal information from your credit report with simply a simple message on the front page.

Finally, because it’s so easy to fall prey to these thieves, you should be very careful of your credit report. Despite its name, the credit reports have no recorded security issue and even if you want proof that stealing any type of information from credit reports is easy you’d better wary of any that may be available.

What If You Have Bad Credit?

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