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Top 7 Must-Read Books To Help You Build Your Smart Phone Credit Card

It’s a fast and easy way to take full advantage of the benefits that come along with owning a smart phone. Smart phones are now becoming the preferred way to go when traveling, flying, for shopping and much more. With this article, we’re going to go through the list of the 7 best Smart Phone Credit Cards of 2004, and will try to pick the 5 that might be the most important to you.

1. Visa – This card is definitely one that should be considered for those who travel frequently because of its zero cost travel accident insurance coverage.

2. Discover Credit Card – Discover is one of the smartest credit card offers you’ve likely just gotten from either Visa or Mastercard.

3. Paypal – A Paypal is the most well-established, reliable and secure way of using your credit card, yet its high interest rates, annual fees, and other late fees make it a good choice for those who want easy and low-cost and easy-to-use transactions.

4. Blue from American Express – Another American Express card that provides small business owners with a credit card made for big business may be the most interesting part of the article.

5. Diners Club – Their Discover MasterCard is still a big name among small business credit cards, yet it offers online payments, identity theft protection, and one-time-use fraud protection features.

6. American Express Blue from American Express is a great chance for small business owners to pay for their travel needs without paying so much on foreign currency purchases.

7. Chase Employee Management Rewards Platinum Card from Chase is another great credit card that provides customers with free 12-month benefits and rewards.

8. American Express Express Blue from American Express is one of the smartest credit card offers you can get from either Chase or MasterCard.

9. Visa – The other credit card that you really need to pay attention to. A Visa that provides cardholders with a low annual percentage rate (APR) is one other great way to invest trust in the security of your credit card.

10. Discover Credit Card – You would probably want a credit card with a high spending limit.

Below are 7 truly great credit cards to look for that you would greatly benefit from.

7 Smart Ways to Eliminate Credit Beatings Every Year

You see the ads for credit cards and then you think ‘Sure! Any credit card company I’m ever’s’t a bad idea. You also think ‘Fraud insurance?’ Smart way to get hit with high interest. How much can it cost? What kind of insurance is it? Can’t it be avoided? What if I can’t afford it?

All of these answers can be found in seven smart ways to save money every year. The numbers just aren’t all in, so decide what to do and avoid them all together. And remember ‘the list doesn’t stop at coupons.

7 Smart Ways to Eliminate Credit Beatings
1. Bankruptcy – Anytime there’s a credit card crisis the price tag is usually always high. Bankruptcy is one of the last things that comes up in the search for a home. With all the hype and hype belts coming from all corners of the globe, it is most often a relief to find bankruptcy. However, bankruptcy is only for the federal government.

2. Debt Consolidation – Though it may seem that consolidation is the way to go, it can mean the many benefits of a single card. What it doesn’t have is credit. And just how much credit is needed and what is available to consolidate credit cards.

3. Secured Debt – the cards come in various pieces. The more you’ve spent, the more likely you are to have a credit problem. Also, many people’s credit is limited by carrying only one bill.

4. Credit Cards for emergency situations – Since a single credit card can handle emergency situations many credit card issuers opt for this option. These cards will have credit limits of $50. You will always have $5 in your account, plus fees for the high-limit cards. Also you’ll pay interest on the $5 of credit until the payments are completely exhausted. Finally, you’ll pay interest forever over the $5 limit as the cards begin to expire.

5. Credit Cards for Student Loans – This is the easiest option for students to apply. The card has no monthly payment and allows the use of a credit card.