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The Truth on Credit and Loan Approvals

Do you think you are an “A” credit student yet you still fear to get a credit card? Maybe you’ve wondered about your credit history and now that you have one check you can use to pay for a new car or apartment, you should worry not. You might think you are an A student to find out as you’ll be out shopping for most consumers applying for a credit card. But who am I? And what is a college student going to do when they have a credit card? Although other credit card companies know all too well how to use students to keep them from applying, why bother to “grind them” when you have the easy access of student student loans? In this article I am going to tell you the truth about student credit cards that you need to know about and then hopefully save to an old location that can avoid junk mail, over spend, and lawsuits.

If Your Why Not Apply For A Student Credit Card

If you are studying for college and want a credit card then yes it is time for you to get a student credit card. You should first apply for a student credit card and your credit score must be within 500 points. This college credit card is just a credit card and there is no limit to how many credit cards you may wish to have. Then with three simple steps you can apply for a student credit card that has no fees and no interest rate.

There are many types of credit cards available, with cards for college students only some are great student cards, while others do not have interest rates involved so you will have to pay the principal. Or if you pay off the balance every month then use a card that has no minimum balance to spend or whatever type of interest rate you desire. If you ever find yourself in a situation where you cannot pay down your credit card yet you find it under a higher interest rate then be mindful of it so you can save yourself the trouble.

So on the surface student credit cards have many great features, it is quite a cost cut compared to any type of credit card. But why is this? Well with many credit cards the minimum credit line and credit limit as well varies from card to card and the interest rate is not that high compared to other types of credit cards. This makes you think that these cards are for the best type of student credit student loans.

A good student credit card will also have one free month of interest free for purchases on any month. This allows you to save up to some $180-200 without putting yourself in debt. This is not only better for you but for your family and it is an investment in the future for the students you may have when they achieve it. A good student credit card can help you on your search of your dream job or become an alumni of your favorite university.

Let A Student in You After College Credit Card

Many students are finding their credit cards being taken away by banks and credit counseling agencies. They don’t realize it but college credit card companies are among the credit card companies that offer an elite grade credit card and they will offer you freebies like holiday and gifts that you never thought about. It is important to remember that these cards are for the best type of student credit student loans however, these cards allow you the opportunity to purchase what you want later on. Most student credit cards have an interest rate after the introductory period that varies from 0% to 9%. Yet some cards have no introductory APR for which may be another credit card companies wants to sift through. The trick of finding a student credit card is knowing what the bank or credit counselor is looking for.

Try To Find A Student Credit Card That Has No Interest Rates

Take your time and search the credit card offers. Get the cards you want so you can be sure that they are best for your particular circumstances.

What IS A Consumer Credit Report

Are you a consumer? A debtor? A creditor? Did you know that in 2005 the average American debtor is responsible for around 9 percent of their debt? There is no denying the enormity of the situation we face and the need to address a rapidly changing society. However, while it is true that the average American household owes almost $14,000 per annum, and that the debt has grown in size from 2002 to 2005 alone, we have yet to address the simple fact that the debt is mounting. There is simply too much of it and this is where the debt load is hurting. Why? Because those who see themselves as saving face often fail to make any efforts to rectify their debt load. However, when you step back and realize that not a single dollar amount that a debtor owes is offset by the unpaid amount that is owed by him/her the reality of survival becomes starker.