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The College Advantage Card

With many college student credit cards, you can earn rewards or points based on the length of time you have spent using the cards. However, most cards will only give you points instead of cash back or air miles, and you don’t earn any prizes due to the credit card. So, what is the best choice for you?

Basically, the following ‘depending on your payment for expenses, interest payments and fees – are what will earn you ‘college student card rewards. You will also receive 1 point for every $1 you spend on purchases this or every month that you’re not able to pay back by certified mail. So, pay your entire outstanding balance off within one month if you find any purchases, pay your balance and you can earn 3 points or 2 points depending on the amount of merchandise you purchase or your total outstanding balance.

‘What’s better – paying off the balance in full each month without paying any interest is much faster and saves you thousands and thousands of dollars every month. If that’s the only ‘best’ option, apply today!

The College Advantage Card from American Express is a student credit card that gives you instant access to a line of credit. Ideal for those who tend to carry balances all month, eager to spend money to avoid paying interest on the balance even more. This student credit card also gives access to your outstanding balance in the form of points.

With a college student credit card, you will get the best deals such as travel and merchandise sponsorships. You will also get a variety of bonus benefits such as purchase protection, 0% APR on purchases for the first year, no annual fee, low interest rates, fraud protection, and insurance against balance transfers. You will also enjoy access to many other savings and benefits such as travel accident insurance and rental car insurance.

College Advantage Card MasterCard offers a great array of options for individuals who wish to go further than American Express’ traditional student credit card. These high-quality cards offer a variety of introductory offers, rewards programs and an outstanding credit line of over $1 million. Plus, they offer you two years of introductory Visa and MasterCard rates which can add up to one year of 12,000 free points. An initial MasterCard charge will cover initial purchases and these point-based rewards have no cap on the number of points you can earn.

Whether you’ve limited or large balances on your college savings cards, you can check your accumulated points with the help of the Student Rewards Network. In addition, the Platinum Student Rewards Visa is the only credit card with a Student Rewards Network membership.

Discover Platinum Select is also one of the few leading credit cards in the United States to offer Platinum Select credit cards. This card has three points toward rewards in addition to the three points you earn for using your rewards credit cards. This means you get rewards – but you’re not getting free air, carpool, an ever-overdue vacation or any other freebies.

Discover Diners Club Club Card provides consumers with three points to rewards programs that include free dine-in or eat out at participating restaurants. Rewards will also be offered from participating restaurants, such as the award-winning Dunhill’s’ Restaurant and the Houston, Texas-based Diner’s Club of America.

For those persons who consider their college savings card a worthwhile option, they can further benefit from their college credit card from American Express. For one dollar a year (defined as used for purchases made during the first 3 months) you’re entitled to 1,000 bonus dollars in points which will expire within the first 4 months of joining a club with American Express. Further, you’ll receive 1000 bonus dollars on purchases made at participating restaurants.

The Platinum Student Rewards Visa is the only credit card with a Platinum Select program. Just like all other credit cards, you get 25% bonus dollars on purchases and will receive 2500 bonus dollars on purchases. The benefits that come with the Visa range from the 0% introductory APR for the first year to balance transfers at current interest rates. Plus additional savings at majority of participating banks.

For anyone with limited credit (young or old), the College Advantage MasterCard from American Express is an excellent option. They offer a free introductory APR on purchases for good credit. This allows you to accumulate points and use them toward gifts, merchandise, insurance, travel and more.

Some of the perks that’ come with the College Advantage MasterCard Platinum Student’s Visa include an added reward program, like discounts on movie tickets and other travel and entertainment packages. This can be invaluable if you’re planning on paying off your balance in full each month. Check your account periodically to make sure points are still being earned once their expiration date expires.