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The Best Rewards Credit Card for Corporate Directors

A corporate college head is someone who teaches financial accounting. If he is not careful, he will find himself in a financial hole. It really doesnt help much to be in a situation like that. However, it would be quite silly not to strive every single day to be a better financial manager.

There are several brands of rewards credit cards out there – all of them very attractive. One certainly is a unique proposition – the fact that there are so many rewards credit cards out there is a proven habit. Several awards, all around the globe, give a huge free gift – in the form of free travel and other great offers.

However, should you have to pay money when receiving your free gift – if you want to keep it. And there is a point where you don’t get that free gift at all if you have to. Ideally, you would like to have a way to enjoy the rewards no matter where you are!

The best rewards credit cards for corporate directors are those that offer different rates for different officers. There are many rewards cards that have incentives for directors that go beyond standard cards – that will definitely bring happiness to upstanding corporate employees.

These cards generally offer a free company logistic, internet service, emergency assistance and other benefits wherever you are, all without any other purchases whatsoever. The only exception to this is for airline companies – they often set up their own card services.

As a high paying corporate executive, there is nothing more rewarding than the quality of your financial records. This will help you gain a better appreciation of your company’s efforts and future. You must know that these cards have the full potential to disrupt your life and put you in the shoes of someone who lacks a solidified credit history.

There are numerous rewards credit cards that provide other benefits, such as cash back and discounts while flying, travel insurance, extended warranties and much more.

You may want to apply for a business credit card instead of your corporate card – you can benefit even more from these! And as a highly paid employee, you should know that more benefits come with a higher credit line.

With so many options and options to choose from, it might be a little hard to decide which one of these rewards credit cards is the right pick for you. But here at Mainframe, we see that we are very strongly attracted to the Platinum Rewards Visa Card from Cypriot Bank.

Platinum Rewards Visa Card

It might sound like a bad deal – a good deal, you say? Well, it really isn’t. The platinum card has a 3.99% APR, a grace period, a rewards program and no annual fee.

Lets take a look at what to look for so that we can make the intelligent choice that we will make.

-Balance transfer
When you read the fine print of the card, you are probably tempted to decide ‘Balance transfer’, or ‘Switching cards!’

What do you think? Do you really need a platinum card? Let me know in the comments!

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* Credit card discounts offer some competition which can harm your score. Redeemer’sEdge and Discover do not accept credit cards. However, all the best credit cards’

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Credit cards are a very convenient financial vehicle and an easy way for anyone to take advantage of the many benefits offered with the cards. If you ever go shopping for a credit card, you might very well find a card that absolutely changes the way you shop. Credit cards are certainly no longer you being a ‘thing’, and they are certainly offering a step up from your average-sized-other.