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The penalties for divorce are a nightmare to handle. Nearly all divorces result in jail terms ranging anywhere from $5,000-$75,000. There are numerous things that divorce attorneys look at as legitimate factors when filing for divorce, but the real picture of the effects of divorce may be blacked out. There has to be a tax […]

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What Does Your Credit Card Should Look Like?

It’s important to protect your good credit and credit score if you have ever borrowed money from a credit card company. Generally, credit card companies are just as impersonal as you might be, and you should make one major ‘down’ (or ‘upfront’) error or mistake over time. Your credit risk is one of the basic […]

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What’s in a name?

The first name in a name is one of the most powerful things that can change your life. This is why you have much more freedom each and every day about your identity and your financial decisions, which often mean being in debt. The problem is that some people become debtors and pay more than […]

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Avoid Credit Card Debt When You’re Too Young And Will Lose Your Family

Do you worry so much about your income coming in too close to the fold? If you did, you’d be in a much worse plight than you already are. There, it’s not like the level of debt and ability to repay it has not increased. If you choose wisely, you will soon realize how good […]

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Prepaid Credit Cards. Whoops! Should We Buy That?

Most people have at least one credit card in their pocket. While many of us may simply have the wallet or purse full, don’t feel the need to carry a card in your pocket to keep track of where it is at all the time. If you don’t need cash right now, of course you […]

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Credit Card Filing – Credit Cards Available Today

Credit Card Filing is an extremely common way by which potential clients file credit card applications. The process can seem overwhelming; almost 8/’ of the time your paperwork gets sent to a different address, the clients may not even realize they are missing out on a great deal of money by not carrying a credit […]

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How To Compare Bankruptcy Laws With Credit Cards

Decisions about whether to obtain credit or not are often based upon your income, employment status, race, religion, age, marital status, household size, and so forth. Understanding the workings of these issues will help ensure that credit decisions are fair and in keeping with the needs of the consumer, and thus lower in the eyes […]

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Credit card fraud alerts – Frequently Asked Questions

Almost every major financial organization (FTC, Insurance, Workplace Relations, JP Morgan, Capital One, HSBC, Citigroup…) issues credit card alerts to our customers in order to assist them in making credit card purchases. In a nutshell, they will notify customer service of unusual activity, and we will provide them with instant response information if the credit […]

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Bankruptcy And Credit Card Debt – What You Need To Know

The process of bankruptcy is closely related to credit card debt. Whether you are approved or disapproved of bankruptcy is a significant factor to consider. The consequences of your financial health are hard to determine. Bankruptcy – Credit Card Debt If you decide to take out a small loan ‘either alone or with a secured […]

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Credit Cards Through Credit Courts

Federal law prohibits the following merchant credit card issuers from discriminating against anyone who applies for credit, does a monthly credit check on them, applies for a particular credit card form or accepts credit cards through their website. In addition, they are also legally prohibited from discriminating against anyone who pays their bill in a […]