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Do I have to pay for my credit?

If you own a home, you might not be the only one responsible for your credit – especially if your credit is bad. While you can’t completely wipe out your bad credit before it starts, having a loan at a great interest rate can at least be a stepping-stone. There are numerous lenders and lenders […]

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How Does The Credit Reporting Company Protect Against Unfair Competition?

Today, we are talking about the big three in the global credit reporting industry, Experian, Equifax, and Trans Union. All of them have massive credit reporting agencies that routinely collate information and sell it on the Internet to defraud consumers. The problem with all of these guys is that they all run at the same […]

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Your Credit Report: Is it Fair?

If you take the time to read over your credit report you will soon find that all points and clicks will appear in a different place than you might think. Are they all fair? Well, this is a great question, to answer that first, I will walk you through in order to better understand why […]

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Student Credit Cards and Business Credit Cards: ‘Bad Credit’

You are offered a credit card that you don’t pay off right away. One that you can handle that it still requires some careful debt settlement and repayment management. The way this goes around a lot, most college campuses have credit cards stores like Discover that offer student credit cards. These cards charge an interest […]

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The Effect Of A Low Credit Score

High credit scores are a prerequisite for any possible escape from the grip of credit, especially financially. For many people, life is in crisis. They need food, clothing, and other essential item needs. For others, this can be extremely difficult. Unfortunately, most people’s credit scores are affected by a variety of factors, many of which […]

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The Real Credit Score: Your Credit Score

Your credit score is a vital information that tells lenders what to do in your finances. It has your name, addresses, and Social Security numbers. And, if found to be accurate, you’d never be able to sue a lender who inaccurately categorized your payment history, resulting in a denial of services. According to credit scores, […]

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How The Student Credit History Merchantcy Credit Management

Credit History is used to determine who’s eligible for the credit to purchase homes, cars or other loans. Just like everything else, a small change from your financial life is going to have a large impact on your credit score. While you’ll never know who’s creditworthy or not, it’s very easy to be influenced by […]

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‘Bad Credit Mortgages – Establishing Good Credit

The concept behind bad credit mortgages is similar to that of general merchandise and consumer items. You should look for ways to improve your credit score in order to obtain a home, car, insurance, or even a new job. It is probably even smarter to keep just one or two bad credit sub-prime mortgage loans […]

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The Good, The Bad, and The Truths Of Credit Score Protection

What is the Credit Score? It is a major factor in many mortgage decisions. This score is used by lenders when determining the best way for you to live and to take on an extended family. A credit score is a ratio of the income earned by creditworthy persons versus the income available to those […]

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Credit Card Refinancing – What Should You Do?

Why do lenders want you to refinance your existing credit card debt? The answer is simple – you save money. The situation simply can’t be better. There are several reasons why you should try credit card refinancing. Besides, borrowing money to purchase goods and services with your existing credit card account is a multi-billion dollar […]