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Student Credit — Credit Cards for Credit

Student credit cards are something students are probably familiar with, but not everyone has attained the level of responsibility that they deserve. There are credit cards for students that are easy for parents to select and enjoy, making the credit card financially an option for both students and non-students alike. In this article I will explore a few of the credit card providers that are available in Texas and discuss the pros and cons of each. And if you’ve just received your first credit card, then you’ve probably found what you’re looking for.

1. Texaco (

This provider makes major credit cards primarily for teenagers. As with the other providers there are three major consumer reporting agencies, their requirements are the same for all others as well. Texaco can be yours for about half the cost, with an important difference that you can expect to run up the bill to cover an extended period of time. Don’t be fooled by their limited service to get one point for your credit limit, and it will sit on your credit card statement for the next six months (they charge a few hundred dollars for the three hundred and fifty line that the company provides).

2. Texaco Visa (

This provider makes cash-back credit cards for teenagers. This is where you generally come in handy if you’re the only kid in school, which means you work part-time in order to pay off the bills and pay off the card balance each month. Or for your third year, you can expect to pay a little over half the cost of any reward credit card.

3. Citi Dividend Platinum Select (

This provider makes significant credit cards specifically for students. As with every provider, Citi rewards are offered at slightly higher rates for students having less than perfect grades. For their credit cards, the same practices are applicable for other types of rewards of your choice. Citi Dividend Platinum Select makes a considerable amount of money from their cardholders, as it fills all their needs and budgets with joy every year.

4. Chase (

This great credit card company makes credit cards for students, parents and whoever else is looking for some sweet cash in exchange for their kids. The Chase team works hard every year to find the best cash programs for every student and every year Chase counselors offer a variety of tips to help you develop a credit worthiness in the process.

5. Discover Platinum Select Visa (

This great and very legitimate credit card company offers cards based mostly on factors like your credit rating. The credit limit can be increased, and their programs may also offer cash back incentives. You’ll find out if they also offer gift certificates, but you may find out that you can get a discount on a hotel room from a company or a travel company you never heard of.

6. Citibank Standard Platinum Select MasterCard

This credit card provider makes great credit cards for working parents and college students both today and in the future. You may very well be able to find an introductory 0% offer, which can significantly lower your interest rates. In time you should learn to trust them with your credit cards. A slightly lowered interest rate can help you negotiate the balance off your credit cards during a time when you have a lot of other expenses on the line. Having a credit card can be very freeing when you don’t have to.

7. Discover MasterCard Platinum Select

If you’re the type of person who uses your credit card very rarely, then this may be a legit credit card for you. There’s a very good reason why most parents are getting these credit cards – credit is one of the fastest to get and to open up new memories in their minds. If you’re ever wondering for how long an introductory 0% card offer is right around the corner get this handy card now before the offer expires.

Student Credit Cards – What You Need To Know

The best way to handle a debt-related financial situation is not to cram some money into a few credit cards, but to pay for every month on a student credit card. Of course, credit cards are not the savior you would expect from a student body. You need to have a plan in mind when you are approaching a due date for using your credit cards. By following these tips, you can look ahead to a brighter future for your student credit cards:

Stay On Student Credit Cards

With student credit cards a student has access to credit lines.