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Student Credit Cards: Key Features, Benefits and What You Need From Each

‘Credit cards are a great way to pay for a student’s education. These cards provide certain benefits to students when used correctly: they help them pay off high school and college fees before they graduate.

‘Student credit cards can help you to build or rebuild your credit. If your student loans are considerably higher than your high school and college tuition, you’d be able to payoff the loan in a much quicker way. This will most likely mean you’ll pay the loan than if you held the student at the time of your claim.

‘Credit cards allow you to keep track of your expenses without having to pay for it on your discretionary income.

‘Student credit cards also provide low interest rates. You can keep an eye on your monthly stipend by simply filling out the application. Your interest will automatically be added to your monthly stipend and will disappear if you make any extra weekly or monthly payments, such as utilities or groceries.

Student credit cards allow you to build or rebuild a credit history. These student credit cards may offer several benefits beyond a regular credit card, such as increased points to redeem on an assortment of merchandise, extra benefits related to student loans, and, if you’re already receiving credit cards for the college or grad school you chose, additional benefits for paying on time.

Student credit cards can also provide you with valuable online account related services. Some student credit card companies offer online account management classes or teach-ings on college campus, and if you choose to have a student at a certain point of time, you can call or write the college or grad school to arrange a meeting to discuss costs and benefits plans. This can save you from paying late fees, especially if you’re planning on transferring from another college or university.

There is a wide variety of student credit cards available today, and the college or grad school that you choose and have confidence with should all reap the benefits of these options. But beyond the convenience of a credit card for college students, you should consider the fact that student credit card companies offer many other kinds of benefits, too, such as:

‘ Return policies on purchase or maintenance of credit cards
‘ Repair charges on new credit cards
‘ Help with item replacements
‘ Credit limits reduction in certain emergency situations
‘ Purchase protection from time to time
‘ Credit reporting assistance
‘ Return protection

Whatever helps you most. Don’t let student credit cards fool you. If you’re already receiving credit cards for college students, you can use these student credit cards for just about anything you want, any time and with virtually no restrictions. No matter where you live, you can apply online for a student credit card online today.

Student Credit Cards: The Basics

It is the job market significantly expanding across the nation. The credit industry is all about increasing the number of eligible students for the perks and programs offering them. In the past, it was hard for a credit applicant to get anything like an employment or insurance application. Now it takes less effort for employers to check applicants out. A majority of the unemployed have found applying for a job extremely rewarding as they can be tapped into millions of dollars in a year while looking for the long term solution of finding better paying jobs. Sadly, just because you are seeking a credit card doesn’t mean you have to work to turn a debt-free lifestyle possible. If you are thinking of getting a student credit card, then you best do your research and get the best options available. Here are 5 tips that you can really use in order to help you get the most out of your student credit cards.

1. The basics. It is not very difficult to get a credit card. If you already have one, check those out. There are several companies out there that will give you a platinum card for just price. Also, check out the rewards or incentive programs offered by the companies. Most of the time, the rewards programs don’t come as much of a surprise either. In fact, they might be something you could use to your immediate advantage in your new life.

For example, consider a reward of $500 per card. If you make $500 in purchases, you will earn that reward for the first month. But if you make $500 per year and keep going, you will spend $500 per annum. What does that $500 cost you in years and months? That’s what you need to consider. There might be a $100 per year in APR interest because of the way those cards are calculated, but that is still less than the $250.00 this is going to cost you in interest each year.