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Student Credit Card (Secondary Credit Card)

Today, credit cards are fast becoming popular because of the convenience and loyalty they offer. With a student credit card, the student’s parents, in return will either pay cash for a free ticket, student clothes, or else receive a point for every dollar their child spends.

Nowadays, there are college student credit cards available, and the convenience and features that they offer are becoming more and more popular. Check out for yourself:

Student Credit Cards (Student MasterCard, College Student Card etc.)

If you’re a student, it will be a good idea to get a student credit card. If you’re under 18, you basically get to use your card in all your school activities and you will generally get another one free which usually is twice as many. It is highly recommended that you avoid cards that offer 0% introductory rates on purchases. However, if you have an excellent or good credit history, you should avoid student credit cards provided you have excellent credit history. In any event, getting an online student credit card is also a good option as it has all the tools that you would need to setup such a card. Check out for yourself:

Instant Cards

Make instant online purchases through a number of online stores. Set up a PayPal account and see the transaction fee instantly. Then, you should do everything you can to get the items in a timely manner and pay on time in order to ensure the transaction is received. With instant credit cards, you will soon begin to receive pre-approval and you can even get updates about your new card as your account is automatically activated. Check out for yourself:

Free Tickets

If you’re a student, look into going online with a couple of free tickets for your classes. Find out what is included in each ticket that gives you a chance to win free tickets to a class. You can also go with a website to pick up tickets and that often times will even have a website page that you can access, answer questions about how you are getting on your ticket, and more.
-Sign Up With A Card

When you’re 18 years or older, you will probably want to get a student credit card because it has a better history, though again it will take some time to show great credit. The best way to check the history of your student credit card is via an automated website. However, you could even do that from your home via a mobile phone, as long as you make sure that the sign up form is left on the machine.

-Get A Copy Of The Card

If you have a student credit card, make sure it is yours. Put your mark on it, as well as your credit history, and write down the reasons why you think you should receive your free ticket. Just be sure that you ask no questions about the tickets. This is a good sign that you are getting the card right, as well. If you do not, you may end up with tickets as well! If not, you have to check or pay someone to do this for you.

Student Credit Cards – Are They Really A Bad Idea?

When the day move was in the offing a generation ago, a revolution was in full swing. Technology had created unprecedented opportunities for students, as well as new opportunities for upper-income groups. Growing fast even for minorities, the students themselves suffered the effects of substandard living in educational institutions. As a result of social unrest led to the collapse of large swaths of the middle class, the middle class experienced the effects of racial underdevelopment. In the student movement, with its demands for student government and a guaranteed higher education, the rise of the student credit cards has become a rising event.

Where does this all go wrong for student credit cards? For one, there is a massive misconception that secured student credit cards are worthless unless an applicant falls out and/or gets sued by a loved one. Sadly, that is not the case. This misconception is widespread, with some credit card companies calling themselves “consumer-protection lawyers.” As we have seen time and time again in previous documents, it is not a small price to pay for a particular mistake and to reap the benefits of the zero liability provision of the Consumer Credit Act.

Today, no-one can legally remove information regarding an applicant for a credit card legally, so which does the law apply to? The current law, known as Student Credit Cards Protection Act (S. 2006, c. 7), clearly states that the issuer of the card may not provide benefits to minors “who have not reached the age of majority or (age 26 or under) until the oldest of sufficient years has obtained a co-signer or a personage to sign the personage statement.