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Securing Your Credit Card Debt by Secured Debt

Having a credit card or mortgage with a good credit history or a low monthly payment will probably help you save money by paying off the card balances you have on your account. But doing this will not only decrease the interest rate, but it might also mean an increase in your entire credit line. To make an accurate calculation of what kind of a credit card and mortgage company to choose, take your time and be realistic about what your options are.

For example, if you qualify for a 10% down payment, then you should pay off your major credit card balances by about 40% every month. You may not qualify if you don’t have a credit card with a good credit history or a low monthly payment and you usually pay only minimum payments each month, and you still will not be able to pay off old balances on your other accounts. In the same way, if you plan on taking out a home or auto loan with a secured debt loan, you should pay off your existing accounts with a mortgage loan if possible. If you find that your credit card debt is growing at an extremely fast rate, you should start figuring out a plan to pay off the debt once you are able to get a home loan or auto loan.

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I must say that I find it rather terrifying, scary, and confusing any time a credit card company solicits an application for a job or pays you to sign up for their services.

The Internet is full of information and useful tools that can help you make informed financial decisions, or help you or someone you know make informed financial decisions in the same way.

This is where some of the information I found in this article or any of its related advertisements is disturbing.

The best way to keep from falling prey to this danger of misinformation and fraud is to simply inform the credit card companies or anyone else that you do business with on their behalf.

The very first thing you want to do if you see any concern in the form of an advertisement for a company that you do business with is to call the company up and ask them to investigate your claim.

You can also ask for an investigation of every credit card company you have ever met as part of your investigation. Again, the only indication of good or ill is by asking!

Have you ever been told that they cannot offer you a loan with a loan guarantee if you don’t have a credit history or an outstanding debt amount ? I sure have! Most banks promise to help people or at least to my friends, they will not turn you down. If they do, well, well…

They can help you! The truth is things don’t always change. But these companies won’t be willing to push you into bankruptcy. They won’t be willing to do anything that is illegal or unethical – they are going to be honest and trustworthy and ask for a history of good payment, and a loan that pays off in full when the due date is near. And again, they will work with you.

If the credit card company turns down your request for “substantial assistance”, well, I could ask that they put me in their debt management program and work with you the same way. All I have to do is convince them to cooperate and provide the results they set for me on the credit card statement.

Now, that’s a way better way to go about paying off your credit card, than getting yourself sued for fraud. At least you know where you stand.

Unfortunately, some of the companies that are asking for money for your work are going to sue you over something that you’ve already agreed to, and then another one of their employees filed lawsuits over your taxes while they were on vacation or because you didn’t finish a workout.

Obviously, a major credit card company like Visa, Hess, American Express, Citibank, and Bank of America are just some of the many, many large corporations that exist to take care of our nation’s financial problems. No matter how much money they make, they are in fact making billions of dollars every year. A major credit card company that wants to help will literally take care of you.

We got protection from our government because it is now legal, yes, we can protect you legally against Visa and MasterCard taking care of your credit cards and your taxes. But we also have a wide array of protections that may be available to Visa and MasterCard employees, too.

The good news is that having real protections for all Visa and MasterCard employees is quite easy. One way to do this is by going to your MasterCard history and viewing your quarterly statements.