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Saving Through Secured Credit Cards

Should you be considering getting a credit card with a bank guarantee, you should consider considering getting a secured credit card. Most banks guarantee a credit card to clients in the amount of about $300 to $500. If you just want to sign up because you are interested in receiving instant approval on your credit cards due to the guarantees on that type of card, look no further.

Secured Cards

Secured credit cards are what you actually sign up for when you get your first secured credit card with any bank. The guaranteed interest rate and great rewards from that credit card are the only things that matters.

However, some people choose to get credit cards purchased on the secondary market. These persons do so by making a purchase so that they can earn bonus interest. Before going online and purchasing that kind of product online, you should analyze what the credit card company will charge, the interest rate that the company can offer you or even higher up the risk to the customer. You should always try to buy the products that will get you your money back on the product that will make you happy.

How To Get A Credit Card With A Bad Credit Rating

When some folks get a copy of your credit report, they often see that the credit card company that you are applying for has removed your bad check mark from the application of your application. But there is a solution that will reduce your chances of getting that bad credit card you get after your bad credit card. This is to use a debit card, which is easier to print out and to use in stores. Bank-owned machines will automatically send you the credit card number you get after submitting your application, and you will never have to sit down and worry about how you got your credit card.

People don’t always know what kinds of debit cards they should get. There are companies who make their own credit cards, rather than relying on the kind your income will allow them. Bank-owned debit cards come with more advantages. When you shop for a debit card, be sure that you compare the kind to find something different from the ordinary.

You need to compare the advantages of both kinds to find the one that is most beneficial to you. Determine on your first visit if there is any disadvantage that you have in carrying a debit card in cash. If in case there is, go over your money back with the bank.

Get a prepaid debit card that has its safety feature installed on it. Some banks offer this service while others do not anymore. A prepaid debit card will work just like an ordinary debit card, but it will have a chip that tells you exactly how much you have to spend. These debit cards have built-in credit limits.

You can use the prepaid debit card anywhere and then the credit card number will be the credit limit of your debit card. You are limited to whatever banks offer the debit card.

The number of debit cards that you need to get depends on the size of your budget. You will need about fifty debit cards to get two hundred dollars.

You can also get cards for both emergency use and keeping a check on your income.

How To Get A Lower APR

With the average American credit score of 300 that ends in ‘F’, a lot of people are looking to consolidate credit card debt and could actually be dealing with a solution that can lower their interest rates and also offer 0% APR introductory offers for a very long time. If you are one of them, then here is How to get a Lower APR with low interest credit cards

Many creditors provide low interest credit cards for special introductory promotions where the cardholder is informed before an interest rate is applied. Thus the cardholder has many choices and is not caught off-guard by high interest rates. Normally, the interest rate for introductory APR is less than 3% and the cardholder is allowed to carry a balance. The introductory offer gives cardholders a period of 6 – 9 months when the interest rate kicks in.

When the introductory period runs out, a card normally carries an interest rate of at least 9%. Of course, when the interest rate increases, the interest rate decreases as well. This is one reason why many credit cards are so appealing and often times there is no interest rate offer at all. However, lower interest credit card packages can also give them away to people to apply for a joint low interest credit card or to give it to someone to transfer.

Typically, the interest rates used are around 5% but this is often a lower offer because most credit card companies offer higher interest rates and low APR offers for a very very short period of time.