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Saving Rewards Credit Card

Reward rebates or ‘fix-it’ credit cards are the cheapest credit cards available for that matter and you get a discount pretty quick. Credit cards have an ideal reward incentive: with their low rates and convenient usage of special swiping or filling stations, you do not have to worry about your credit cards not being enough to cover all of your card expenses if you spend a certain amount each month on your rewards credit card.

Boost Your Earnings With A Reward Credit Card

Many credit cards offer certain products via special discount deals which may mean that you get certain items or services for free or at a slightly higher price, sometimes as much as 1000 riek points on your credit card statement. In such deals, it is a good idea to link up with your frequent flyer credit card company to work out a special rebate deal and save yourself some money for the cost of your plane ticket.

As with any credit card, you will need to keep in mind that no-fee rebate deals are sometimes available just like regular credit card deals. And in the case of a free airline deal or even a chance to visit your city, you may want to double load this opportunity.

Don’t Pay Off Your Balance Today

If you have a balance on your credit card statement which is so heavy that it will have taken you days or even weeks to clear, then pay it off before paying off the next statement. Although this is a highly recommended thing to do, you can always try to make a further payment every month on the statement and ensure that this remains on your statement as well.

In some cases, a good no deposit bonus program can get you a free airline ticket and a bonus hotel accommodation between your purchases, and in many cases a free flight to certain destinations. If you’re looking for a no credit card, then a good cash back credit card could perhaps charge very low rates on your purchases making cards.

If you are able to pay off this credit card balance in full each month, then paying off the balance is possible in many cases. But when you aren’t paid off with an airline card in the next six months, then pay off the balance by the end of the promotional period can be an extremely tempting opportunity and a good place to go if you are in any doubt as to whether or not you can receive free or reduced flights.


No-cost credit cards can be extremely useful in many circumstances. They can offer cardholders certain cards to members who will get back a special travel reward: just one point for every dollar spent. You can use these points to exchange for free or reduced flights or even up to be given round trip tickets whenever you would like! In most cases, no credit cards will do this.

For those who would be able to get those no cost loyalty rewards by doing their utmost to get those no cash back cards, then you might be able to get your hands on it. However, since no-cost credit cards are also becoming increasingly rare, no-cost credit cards have become something of a luxury rather then a necessity. Whether or not you get that one no-cost card or if you are in the market for a no cost credit card and do not wish to be tied up with a credit card that you can withdraw cash from, then you have got yourself in the right place.

Saving Cash with No Credit Card

If you are a young person having problems keeping you head above water, you should be absolutely at a loss to understand how credit card can cost you money. In a nutshell, people have the fear that they will soon find themselves into debt because they have taken up too many credit card accounts and would get into deep trouble simply having them.

One way of looking at this issue is as ‘Savings Cash’. This is understood to be the expenditure that credit card companies incur to borrow from future cardholders. Credit card bills or ‘Savings’ cards are most commonly used for these purposes but sometimes do even have other features, such as an interest free credit card, meaning that if you have poor credit, it would be difficult for them to pay for your indebtedness.

But this does have it’s advantages, as most of the time, your savings can come from simply borrowing money from future cardholders instead of using them. The actual cost of borrowing, however, always leaves a mark on your credit report, so it is a worthwhile exercise to try and get an annual or ‘Savings Card Fee Waiver’. Not quite sure why but I think it would be worth trying.