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Saving Money with a Secured Credit Card.

The credit card industry calls for a thorough review of the credit card industry reform. Of course, the whole objective was to change the status of an industry in order to lower costs. Yet, the system was in fact designed to lower the credit card industry and eliminate new entrants.

Here are a few of the things the reform movement is calling for:

— Improved reporting systems for institutions of credit card fraud and identity theft

— Consolidation of all charges and expenses data into one place, accessible by users from a single source

— Shorter consolidation procedures related to companies that are incorporated and run by small companies, providing easier access and comparison

Here’s how it stands: With the consolidation of all charges and expenses in one place, you can view charge and spending summaries and avoid the hassle you’ll need to go through typing up all the charges and balances yourself. Make no mistake; these are all charges and balances that you’ll need to keep track of in order to make your dreams of purchasing a new home or car free of hassle in a hurry.

Then there are the consolidations related to charge-related debt. There is the credit-reporting and reporting that was developed specifically specifically for debt-based businesses. Now, a debt-one won’t even make it to those totals for the cost of the effort. But these are business. The credit-reporting industry is profiting as people pay off their entire credit cards and accounts for nearly every new product advertised on the ad buy side.

In order boost those charges, they certainly add. But they’re not of great help. Even small charges — for instance, up to $2,00 per card — add hundreds or even thousands of dollars. I know, I know, the type of debt that adds would be no different. But let’s just imagine that, in that year, your husband plops down in his office, watching the latest MTV Movie Contest. You know the amount he’s buried in credit card debt? Millions. Would he enjoy the benefit of a tax deduction? Absolutely. Your $2,000 credit card statement just might! Really, how many other things would you add if your husband couldn’t pay his bills? Let’s just hope that one day he collects both credit card and account debt through retirement. A major financial overhaul is sure to come his way.

Finally, the discussion turns to the benefits of using a secured credit card. As an example, let’s take a basic charge with a car payment. If you have the luxury of carrying cash with you, then why not make sure your bill arrives on time? Simple math shows that this is a large benefit if you can afford to pay off the entire balance each month. Moreover, since most people carry their balance from month to month, this is another saving! Other uses include insurance, rental insurance, and car rental insurance.

The point is that a secured credit card provides the sort of flexibility that credit card issuers desire: no need to go through your mailbox for every credit card statement, no worry what will happen with your line of credit if someone beats you to it by giving up an asset they just barely had. Through secured credit cards, you’re free of the stress that comes along every time somebody else slumps under your skin. Your sense of responsibility, time, money, convenience is quickly delivered to you.

Then maybe, just maybe, some of his bills will be paid off a bit more quickly this time. After all, a secured credit card ensures that this ‘big loan’ arrives on time — on time doesn’t business.

Secured Credit Card – Cash Back Bonus

If you own a business, you definitely earn the right to obtain cash back offers. This may seem obvious as you have a profit to make but it does come at the cost of maintaining a good credit rating. Getting cash for routine purchases is no easy task requiring you to do a little research before you hit the road. Nonetheless, there are many credit card companies who promise as little as 5% rebates on cash purchases made by non-employees. Another scam, however, claims to offer you 5% cash back on the purchase of any type of item even gasoline or other non-ticket items. This is the “Cashback Bonus Program”, a scam that is basically a promotional offer. Not for making cash back purchases but for other incentives or other promotions of the company. To date, the website has not registered a violation of the Fraud and Abuse Protection Act because these companies don’t hold any government contracts to collect cash back offers or in any way aid the management of debt.