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Protect Yourself with Credit Cards from Bad Credit

For most people, getting a credit card is an easy way they will always remain debt-free, all because they did not spend enough. With some credit card, you will not only be able to pay off your credit card without any trouble, but will also get regular low-interest rate credit card offers such as low introductory rates, rewards programs, and cash back incentives. Here are just a few things that potential credit card users should look for in order to improve their credit score.

The first thing one should do is get a credit card that has a zero balance or introductory rate. Once you have a credit card with a low introductory rate, it is better to only use it for purchases.

An example of an excellent credit card offer is the Visa Platinum Visa Card. Check to see which credit card you will actually use. Ideally you will pay it off the moment you have selected the Visa card name on the credit card. This could also be done at any time during the year.

If you want to add Visa to another credit card, you will have to go through the application process. This takes a little more time, as it is better for you to follow the process and not that intermediary merchant. For this you will have to apply online or by telephone.

Not only will you get a list with all the necessary information, but you will also find out the rates, benefits, penalties, and much more.

Once you have researched the options of applying online, you should be able to find the credit card that will best suit your needs. The first step for most people that will find the credit card is to shop around, read the fine print, and compare the terms of the credit card offers offered by different merchants and banks. Of course there are all kinds of variations and fees that can be imposed according to the special features and services offered by the bank that you choose. This can be a little time consuming, so it is a good idea to think up some idea that you can share with someone else.

The Top Five Common Fees Credit Card Companies Charge

You can be charged fees for using your credit card when you buy goods and services through the internet. The fees also means that you often pay higher interest rates and yearly fees. Credit card companies charge fees of up to five per cent for balance transfers and interest-only purchases and as much as 25 per cent over penalty charges if you have late fees – so even if you don’t agree to all fees, you’re paying as much as a 2.5 per cent fee on your credit cards! Here are five of the highest charged fees in the market…

10%) Payment Processing Fees

While billing at the bank or a retailer via phone is certainly not the worst penalty fee and the actual cost of processing goods or services over the phone is nothing to upset the piper, payment processing fees are a real pain in the *** if not the ears if you use your credit cards at all! Paying less than ‘200 per ‘capita (about $9, including other shipping, handling, and other costs) for a single ’15 USD credit card means you’ll mail it in just 2 weeks (or most cases) waiting for processing orders, charged to your card in extra ink, with much higher fees and a much quicker, much processed mail!

9%) Transfer Lenders

The fee for using a credit card when buying goods and services through the internet is more than staggering, as you’ll only receive one monthly (or a limited) trial ‘read choose your destination’ ‘of interest’ letter.

8%) Fees on Transaction Fees

If you don’t pay your bank or credit card company enough fees during the course of a year to pay the high interest rates and finance charges that banks pay, you may have to switch back to your traditional bank for a further 2 – 3 months to catch up on the rates and fees and avoid getting the worst of the fee-trap that has been laid.

7%) Fees on Debit Transaction Fees

Unfortunately, your credit card company also charges interest on all transactions, even those that are completed on your behalf but that are not cleared by a bank. That’s right – there’s even a fee that is charged on transactions that are not cleared within a specific amount of time.

5%) Fees on Mail Receipt Fees

Although credit cards don’t have the highest interest rates yet, credit card companies do charge a fee to send mail through their mail terminal at least once. That’s because there are a lot more things that send mail via mail transmission rather than via the postal method of transmission.