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Preparing for Credit Card Debt

A few years ago, I was fortunate enough to have a successful television advertising agent who acted as liaison between me, the consumer, and his favorite ad agency, MTV.

One of his primary duties was to help me prepare for a possible credit card debt crisis. He did something he would have done only a few years earlier. He recruited me to work with him on a campaign to persuade credit card companies to increase their advertising expenditures on their ad billboards. The strategy worked. The companies increased their spending beyond normal ad budget because of the potential of losing their investment. Hence, MTV decided to add the concept of ‘pump and load’ as their advertising strategy.

The idea was to tell you that there is a need for a new model that would encourage you to load up a credit card to get out from under the stress. You’d rather take a cashless strategy to its logical end than to follow the model.

I was not pleased with the move. I was not particularly bothered by the notion that spending more can get you in a financial bind and the ‘good for nothing’ idea was simply further evidence of my deep-seated belief in ‘catch’ and the debt consolidation strategy he employs. In short, MTV claims, that while we can be choosy when it comes to determining on how much, we should be careful and to ‘do my level’ when looking to be choosy in our investments.

Of course, MTV is relying on a series of assertions that were first repeated in a ’90s MTV News’ one-line. The claim that we need ‘money to be choosy’ is based on no proof whatsoever (not even the Internet!) ‘money to be choosy means we have to think big about how we invest our money.’ In other words, MTV asserts, that while a lot of Americans subscribe to a ‘big-hearted’ approach to money, we are also too preoccupied with our spending capacity to see how that investment impacts our monthly income or our credit card bills.

If money to invest is important to you, MTV chooses to go on completely off-color when it comes to your investments! MTV News editor-in-chief John Dickerson took to the Internet today to air a number of disreputable and irrelevant statements, several of which he repeated several times over a three-minute television spot that was produced entirely with direct quotes and direct language. Thereafter, they will be deleted.

Need Credit cards to repair bad loans? Then you need credit cards that can’t be obtained illegally.

There are many times when you find yourself faced with the necessity of adding new credit to your life. Many times it is this time when you find yourself confronted with a difficult decision in paying off your old credit card debt. Yes, these moments come as a result of circumstances beyond your ability to control over. These include the recent bankruptcy of over 50 creditors in the UK and the passage of a new bankruptcy law in a short amount of time. Now you are looking at what it looks like to have the ability to change circumstances when it comes to credit. It is, almost figuratively, very, very painful when you suffer several instances in which you can’t get credit at all, even with the best of intentions.

There are of course ways you can apply to have some new credit. One of the most important is to obtain an application for a credit card. You can do this online. In addition, you can hire the help of credit repair agencies. Credit repair agencies can take care of repairing your own credit so you can have another shot at better paying down your debts, this may be possible thanks to the internet. However, at the same time, it remains to be seen if the DIY approach has any real applications in these cases. Of course there are ways you can apply. One is to get a credit card or debit card. Such a card might also cover things that you wouldn’t be able to even get to without a credit card. This is often where you find that many people find themselves in a financial bind. If you can get one that has a debit card, then the first $10 or $15 is usually just going to the card itself and that is it. Without a debit card, there are virtually no transactions made. If this proves to be true, then a new credit card could drastically cut down and sometimes eliminate your debts and add to the already strained wallet of your life.

Another option, is to obtain some sort of a contract or contract-boom device.