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Prepaid Credit Cards

Prepaid credit cards are an excellent way for you to get cash back on money spent with your cards as well as savings on the money you spend elsewhere if you don’t use the card at all. However, as with all cash back programs, there are some cards that are rated just for specific individuals regardless of the unique expenses that they will incur. There are a few pre-qualified credit cards that are just as good.

The Advanta Gold MasterCard

Advanta is one of the top three credit card companies out there. They offer prepaid credit cards like not even they can get a hold of it’s name. With it, you will get a standard rate that includes ATM/9 cash back and 0% promo on EVERY purchase you make. The rate is also only good on purchases made on the card itself. Most of the websites that they offer have been around for quite some time so this may change if they become a bit better viewed.

Payroll for Card

A pre-qualified credit card for people that is just a little bit stingy in their promotion. Since this is a post-it kind of credit card, you can opt for more cash back then you would if you planned to line a monthly spending and monthly income. The problem is there a certain balance that you have to pay for the extra cash back. This is where their card comes in handy. If you have balance on other credit cards in addition to yours, then don’t bet on it either. Just go ahead and pay for it for that account. With their prepaid option, you can charge up to $100 per month and get back $15 and another $15 credit on the total. This kind of credit card is perfect for people that can’t afford the cash back on the balance.

The Chase Small Business MasterCard

The Chase small business credit card is one of those pre-qualifying cards that offers cash back on cash spent with them.
The small business card is pretty much the same as the Chase credit card. The only difference is the use of an annual fee. This is mostly covered for consumers that start with the Chase credit card. This is one of the best deals in the pre-qualifying card. With a small business credit card, you will get cash back of 6% in the first year and 10% in the second year – but you get no rebates or other promotional benefits. Other features are that you can have 5 credit cards or some form of rewards card with no annual fee. This is great for looking forward to your dream company brand by getting savings in time.

Pre-Qualified Credit Card For Someone Who Really Needs Them

Pre-qualifying for a credit card can be hard at first, but it can be worth it in the long run if you follow the right steps. Whether you want credit and want it or not depends on your ability to get approved and what your credit rating is. If you want pre-qualified for a card, there are some things you need to take into account. There are many factors that you need to consider when preparing that application that could affect your status as you see fit to get approved for credit cards. But one common question people who have never considered getting pre-qualified for credit cards ask when they get pre-qualified applies to what kind of credit they will have to pass.

The first thing you want to do is look at how your income versus the amount of debt that you have is a big factor. Getting a lot of income from selling lots of credit cards can get you a lot of credit lines to develop. But you also want to look at the kind of rewards that people can get for it. For instance, most people would check out all of the travel rewards they might get. Some airlines would do a great job providing extra point rewards. You should also check for the rewards that could be offered for special airline tickets. Some of the airline reward programs most credit cards offer people make fun of. You can check out all of them in detail on the cards that have all the flying offers. You need to have some form of reward that people can use to make a difference in their free time.

If your goals are just to make something fun, then you may want to check out the rewards that are offered by many rewards cards. You really need to be getting all the rewards that you can. If you do this, then any rewards that you might receive may just be getting extra points back in some more spending. You can check out great deals on vacation cards that help you get back some of your points. Remember that with all rewards programs, it really depends on the type of card. The more reward you might get, the less the sting.