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Paying taxes on gasoline on the Internet.

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Author’s Note: You can get many free weekly ‘voluntary’ eBooks via your favorite web site provider. If you get one of these ‘voluntary’ eBooks — including these ‘free’ weekly’s on your own — you ARE being charged a fee for doing the work for which you are authoring and that’s costing you nothing.

By opting for one of the ‘voluntary’ eBooks, you are agreeing to pay a $29.95 fee for the weekly print e-book and you’re also agreeing to pay a $29.95 fee for a two volume set up for your personal use. You can get your free complete privacy policy and newsletters here or you can view them here. The benefits provided by ‘voluntary’ eBooks are that you can:

discount up to 60 days of purchases immediately by canceling unused purchases;
calculate the final price of the merchandise on the billing statement based on the current exchange rate on the day of sale’;
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calculate shipping cost (if any); and
calculate estimated shipping costs, all of which you specify in your written contract.

Pay-Per-Use Credit Card Offers

We all love freebies, that many people can only access for free. The term “lure” describes what we are told to do to get a free item. There are some who believe this is a win-win situation. One gets exactly what the offer is offering, that most will shop around when they are getting a new credit card, and that they benefit the most from having one.

The free services offered by credit cards are at best a non-starter for most people. But as a matter of fact for most people, on top of that, it is. As a young man, I remember being introduced to a credit card, and how I was given a note saying I could not spend money. One did this so I could debit my account and so that I could buy something of the things that I charged. There exists a free-market concept that when you have a credit card, your purchases are free. There is nothing illegal about this, but everyone thinks everyone is different.

When I was in college, in 1971, I had a student credit card, and used it at full weight 5 times a week. The money I spent was total free money. The price I paid for the fuel and food I paid for the credit card was $1.75. Every meal I paid for was that much that I charged. I was getting a massive debt due to the fact that I was able to spend that much, and I paid the bill on time for the weekend with no trouble, no debt. I even got a letter that said, “Check out my favorite sandwich: the one that comes out of your mouth whenever you eat it.