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Options You May Need To Consider Before Applying For A Credit Card

In the realm of credit, can you really afford everything you can live without? Today all a financial analyst can honestly say ‘There are no cheap or easy answers to these simple questions. You’ll have to find out. Luckily, your best bet is to conduct your own investigation yourself. Credit card lenders are not usually overly sympathetic to the tired complaints of the introverted and stressed out.

If you’re not tempted or cynical enough to ask yourself the obvious questions, you may find yourself being targeted by credit card applicants seeking your services! Be compassionate and direct; you’ll find nothing but waste and dismay!

The first question you’ll want to look for is ‘what options are there for an APR of 0% for balance transfers, including but not limited to cash advances and purchases made on credit”? If you’re already struggling to pay off a loan, what happens to your savings if you make only one cash advance per month?

Here’s what we’re telling you straight:

‘Credit card companies have been seeking credit cards that carry no introductory special in their terms and conditions. If you want to make some money while you can, you’re going to demand a 0% APR credit card on balance transfers.
‘Credit card companies are usually pre-loading their offerings on potential new customers with attractive new offers. They expect to get their money back with a 0% APR credit card offer – and they do. The ‘value’ of your purchases on this new feature alone may be as much as five percent reduced or eliminated.
‘There are also some card issuers that refuse all of your application if they’re telling you you’re to transfer all of your high-interest balance to a 0% APR card and they’re offering only 0% interest on balance transfers for the initial six months.
‘You’ll also have to pay extra fees or interest on purchases transferred if you use this credit card to fund purchases, finance emergencies, purchase the food that you missed in the summer, or otherwise purchase the merchandise that you’ve never wanted!
‘Pay close attention to any deals that you’re throwing off your credit card payments or else nullify! These offers often include introductory offers regarding cash advances or cash backs that last for six months or longer.

If you didn’t do the math, you’ve found yourself hooked. After years of struggling due to poor credit, now you know why! For starters, you can’t turn them down. Think about it. With credit cards, you’re all responsible to show them you’ve fixed your problems and you can’t be choosy with your payments.

It’s all about control; it’s even on top!

Here’s what you’re going to do next:

‘Pay the bill (or the loan). Keep a close watch on your credit card and write to the reporting company reporting the first credit card balance that appears on your credit report. If you’re right, many people fall prey to this scheme. After the bank reports the balance to that company, ‘the next billing cycle, you’re the target!

The next best thing about having a 0% interest credit card offer, is it’s the one that’s good for you!

Never play the card issuer’s card lightly. Remember the warning signs – signs of a financial disaster! Your credit rating is obviously negatively affected, as is your lifestyle’s regular stress or routine. How do you avoid this temptation? by keeping your finances in good order – by maintaining good discipline!

Once you’ve diligently done all this, it’s time to seriously consider applying for a new 0% interest credit card!

If you’re having difficulties, credit card companies may not be the best solution and in addition, banks aren’t the ones to yell at when you don’t follow the money. Yet, there’s no more easy way to obtain a 0% interest credit card than by paying your mortgage!

With a mortgage, expect to pay an origination fee and insurance on all new mortgage purchases ($100 or greater!) and do the best to maintain good standing on balances that are paid off every month!

For credit card applicants with bad credit, even small monthly payments may be sufficient for you to consider applying for a major credit card.

If your creditor offers 0% or low APR, you may be interested in looking for a credit card that offers 6 months or even longer interest with a low rate of 0% or good APR.