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Online Identity Theft Solutions

Are you a victim of online identity theft? You may be wondering what sort of fraud someone can commit on your behalf, and what steps you need to take to protect yourself, including:

What type of fraudulent information information to contact

There are many ways to report a fraud, but one of the best methods is to alert your local police, FBI and D.C. Crime Stoppers, all of whom can help you with your search.

Each of the national credit reporting companies, Equifax and Experian, compile their own reports and file information, so you may want to call one to get a copy.

When you call your local phone company, the phone number to whom you want to talk (if you can provide one) will be listed and your number will likely be filled out (provided that you are willing to give such information as name, address and phone number, as well as the name of the company you want to contact).

It is worth your while to call your reporting company when you have a good idea of a fraud, especially if you already know who to trust. You need to keep in mind that if you are the victim of a fraud that you can be charged with a higher rate of interest, which will be reflected on your credit score.

A credit repair website with help will help you with free credit repair tools (such as free online reports). It may also, for example, provide you with a link to a product or service which you can use, such as a telephone or internet repair hotline.

Many online identity fraud companies operate “bitches” who steal your personal information, such as Social Security Number (SSN), and on or before your signature, and then use your SSN as the basis for their signature. A few people, however, may keep your identity and Social Security number secret or even destroy them for such a purpose.

There is a federal law known as the Personal Identification and Revenue Protection Act, which gives you the legal defense you need to ask for the use of your personal information by someone you know or suspect to have an interest in your credit or personal identification.

Once you ask for the security clearance for your card, this information is used by certain credit reporting companies to compile a list of people to whom you might want to give your card number.

What information should I get from the credit reporting company?
There is usually a fine print in the notice for your concern, plus a clause which states what information you should be given.

If you ask for the information information such as: Social security number, date of birth, address, and even credit card company account numbers, the credit reporting company will probably give confidential tips about getting your credit report. Remember, this information can only be used by a designated credit risk named for your needs, not by you.

Online Credit Counseling

There is no need to seek help through the Internet. A credit counseling company will provide a safe, reliable, and free environment where people can do their financial and emotional evaluations, discuss options, and develop a personalized program for their finances. Many credit counseling services offer financial education in a safe and professional environment. A credit counseling service will not charge a visit or tell you what you can do for yourself for free. They will provide a realistic educational opportunity. An online credit counseling service will not provide additional information or materials if you request it, or create a schedule that is too complicated to stick to.

Secured credit counseling and debt counseling methods will not charge up your credit cards or charge you fees. Secured credit counseling and debt counseling is offered under a non-profit or affiliated educational institution or university’s program, and you cannot use the service to plan up your life or make tough financial decisions for yourself. It is up to the counselor to teach you the information and to provide you with the guidance and the information you need to manage your finances successfully and effectively.

Using counseling services with money management skills is also a good way to help you develop a healthy credit budget. There is nothing “gold” – all colors match. It is up to you to develop a personalized plan for your finances, learn to budget and live comfortably in your unique situation, and learn the values of money well and truly for the rest of your life. To learn more about credit counseling, click here.

Credit counseling can help you set aside some of your stress and worry. You may want to seek help from a personal debt counselor. This type of debt counseling service or firm will begin with your financial problems and work its way down until you develop a personalized plan for your debt problems.