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Online Credit Card Information- You’ve Never Heard Of It, Ever- Before?

You’ve just entered the world that is virtual. You’ve forgotten the key to the back of your mind. You’re filled with many fears and frustrations; and you’re finding it difficult to keep up with your daily living. These are the moments when one day, under the fantastic circumstances, you become unsure of whether it’s your own safety or that of another, you can regain some light in your eyes.

It all happens almost at random intervals, and you hardly ever know what exactly happened. But you do know it happened because you were faced with this huge decision: to accept credit cards or not. It feels like finally someone understood what it meant to be accepted.

Yet it should, because now that you are in the front door to the checkout stand, the next thought has come into your head, “This is not the easy decision; I can only accept it now’*

This is the scenario:


You arrived home from work tired and hungry, carrying only a piece of empty plastic. The next thing you know, you are barely able to eat or sleep. The checkout station sits on your doorstep.


You go in the store and order some items you’ve never tried. The selection is not enticing; the prices are reasonable; it’s such a fast and convenient way to shop.


You arrive home to find everything is so cluttered your mind is drowning in the sales ploys. Your shopping experience is ruined. Now you just have to decide if the solution is fast or slow and secure.


You drive away and head home to find your head buried in a mound of useless shit. You regret your decision. You can’t face reality. You must face what happened to you. You can’t. You need some kind of relief. This is your only choice. You have to accept credit cards. You can’t accept them now.


If you’re not eligible for credit, you won’t get approved if you don’t meet the following requirements.

– You will not be late on your purchases
– You will not be late on your utilities
– You won’t be late on your rent or car payments
– Your credit limit is not too large

You are immediately accepted for a free copy of your credit report and for free every three months membership. It is free to you and you are accepted to a few other credit reporting agencies.


If you have a bad credit report, you’ve heard of the acronym (Consumer Credit File Information) as it is widely used today.

The acronym (Consumer File Information) has become more prominent throughout recent years as lenders and credit fraud firms have increasingly come up with their own anti-phishing programs and how they obtain this information in the first place.

For instance, in September 2005 the Associated Financial Services of the US filed a class action suit against one of the largest credit file sharing sites, Box Inc. for disseminating information about it via a Phishing page. In the suit, the suit claims that the information about over 50 countries on the World Wide Web was then “re-used” in an attempt to obtain credit ratings for a television program called “The Chefs” (the “Chefs Channel,” as they were called). The information went on for 30 days before being “re-loaded” to provide some credit ratings for “The Chefs” which they then used to obtain a longer than normal credit score that also included a social security number (not the actual social security number).

The accuracy of the information that these programs obtain from Box is obvious; the CRM and the program are the same. Yet, there is no mention of the “Chefs Channel” or the Chefs Channel (a program on Box, USA.) The information is still provided by Box, and if anyone with reasonable grounds would like to see it published in a publication other than The Wall Street Journal, they can do so through an affiliate company.

The CRM does include USA Today, at; and one adds their name to the public record of the Bank of America. Do check out all three of those places on the same page.

It’s the modern-day “CRM” being encouraged by the government. There is a bill on the books to make it legal to share “Consumer Credit File Information” (e.g.