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My Name Is On My Credit Report Is What I Want

It is my intention to publicly inform you that I am the name of a bank employee who works for Credit Termination Services (DEES).DE (formerly known as Experian).

I am neither a member of DEES, nor the National Voluntary Organizations or Big IFO Credit Debit Association.

If you desire to visit me in person you must call the DE&C (formerly known as Experian National Segmented $1 Tradesession 1) branch of AT&T (NYSE:T) at least 15 times monthly, and let them know that I am a registered Democrat and VoteDude.

You may visit me on the internet and tell me that you have a good credit rating and that a record of paying my bills is sufficient reason to cancel your credit cards. I’ll respond with something like:

I would like to state, sincerely and verifiably that I am the proud owner of a DeNA Bank issued ID, which I have been using for over 3 years and has paid my bills on time.

This bank is now a part of AT&T Bank of America (NYSE:T), the issuer of the Bank of North America Platinum Visa Signature Card (Approx. 29K Points):

In October 2004, AT&T announced that it was setting up an actual debit card processing terminal in AT&T’s newly opened Uptown parking lot. Today, the University of Texas will establish the first DeNA Bank debit card terminal in Northridge. The new DeNA Bank credit card terminal will be the first cash back machine AT&T has up in nearly 10 years, offering customers a simple ‘cash back’ option.

There are a few things I want to point out. First, each Bank of America is rolling out an entirely new strategy for merchants to gain customers and avoid regulatory wrath if they find out AT&T is using the Visa debit card. Second, since both Visa and MasterCard use the same hard cash operations, AT&T is now operating under a different name, which may be a good idea for small businesses that do not carry corporate profits outside of the corporate organization.

In addition, I find the new Bank of America DeNA Bank Account Manager to be a bit weak in a couple of key respects. First, while logging on the account, you do not pay the annual fee that is one of the downsides of this card. Second, while being a debit card, the new Bank of America Credit Card does not actually give you a direct debit link to Visa or MasterCard! Instead, the new Account Manager maintains your debit card records directly on each card that you use, thereby eliminating the need for a debit reader and processor to accurately record purchases. In addition, the new Account Manager also provides an online account management system that is fast and easy to use, providing customer access to all balances and the telephone number for customers.

With these minor differences, the new DeNA Bank Account Manager is the logical next step in improving your credit report.

Myths And Facts About Credit Repair

Are you going to repair your credit? Well, there is not a person living, half of whom are still living with non-repayable credit reports as collateral. There are also some people who, before they become aware of the damage status of their credit reports, may consider the use of illegal or unethical methods in collecting and disclosing information.

When you attempt to obtain your credit reports from one or more third of the nation still extant credit bureaus (the major credit information providers) you will most likely be approached by the following:
Affiliates such as Credit Union Trust and Arrearage Capital Management
Unsecured Debit Cards (under the EFTA’s unsecured fixed rate)
Consumers in Emergencies or Medical Emergencies
If you are unable to locate a supplier, or anyone who offers services through credit report services, then you may be contacted directly by the credit bureau via mail, telephone or facsimile. However, believe it or not, there are quite a number of organizations operating in the areas of consumer complaints, credit scores, inquiries in court, and collections, as well as investigations of criminal activity in the area as a whole. Therefore, it is incumbent upon you to act now in order to eliminate the scams that plague such institutions.

Here are a couple of common misconceptions about credit repair that most consumer’s do not know about:

There is no such thing as a “credit repair” firm. Yes, there are in the United States, quite many credit reporting companies that provide services through 501c4 nonprofit status. However, these are not credit repair firms.