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Low Interest Credit Cards

What’s the low interest credit card and what about the introductory APR? The low interest credit card offers variable interest rates and other terms to offer consumers to help them in the ‘securing’ their credit cards, to save money. So low interest credit cards do not carry large fixed APR’s that may have been stuck at 0.00% for six weeks or more, or, variable interest rates on your credit, depending on the date you applied for your credit card.

How Low are the Risks?

If you have credit blemishes, you have only limited time to make repairs to your credit, and if you must reapply for a low interest credit card, you’ll all but pay off the balance that you owe every month. After a loan, small to medium size loans and car loans can make or break you, and if they incur high interest rates, bad credit, your loans do little to mitigate that risk.

In fact, a low interest credit card may actually prevent you from repaying those loans in the first place and result in less money for you in the long run. To appreciate the benefits of low interest credit cards, you should examine your options carefully. There could be tax changes or other other changes in the amount of the credit card you apply for. This flexibility will make the amount of money saved on your credit card the same, and it will save you money in the process.

If you have bad credit and want to get a low interest credit card to help you, you should consider carefully and develop an option that will help you. One like the Chase Low Interest Credit Card, like yours, offers low APR’s only on purchases and ‘introductory’ offers on balance transfers. It offers the zero percent APR for just 15 months on the balance transfers and for only three months on purchases with the low interest credit card. Any other credit card issuer will grant you the low interest credit card only after it has evaluated the circumstances with which you are applying. The small business owner or company you invest money in in his/her business day to day life, Chase makes it easy for you to get a low interest credit card without compromising money saving potential.

And what about the APR that low interest credit cards offer?

The American Express low-interest credit card offers 6.99% APR, interest rates far better than any other credit cards:

Annual Percentage Rate (=APR) 20 or more basis points higher than 11% APR
Purchases Made APR, APR as % of Balance
(In-App Purchase) Value Added (VAs) as % of Balance
(Adjusted For In-App Purchase) 2.60% APR on Balance Purchases
(Annual Percentage Rate) APR as % of Balance – Fixed or variable

Common APR is lower for small businesses than conventional credit cards, but for any merchant the APR is even lower:

Annual Percentage Rate APR as % of Balance
(Annual Percentage Rate) for Small Business $1000 or more may be 0.00% but for large firms less than 1000 $1,000 and higher over 75% of 90%.

What other APR will your low interest credit card have?

Most low interest credit cards will also have a low interest rate for new purchases. But beware if you are planning to use an extra credit card, a high credit card, or use your low interest credit card to pay a large bill that you will not be able to clear by yourself.

If you consider your options carefully, you will see that for most low interest credit cards the small purchase APR (1.99% APR on balance transfers) is significantly lower than the purchase APR (15.99% APR for new purchases).

Are there any downsides to low interest credit cards?

Probably the largest and most obvious adjustment to your low interest credit card is in terms of spending capacity. Certain low interest credit cards have more spending capacity than others, but not if you use them only a few dollars a month or $1,000 dollars a year.

The low interest credit card often has other costs such as blackout dates, blackout periods, and other other features that make your low interest credit card not quite as rewarding, such as high interest annual fees, lost fees, etc. Some low interest credit cards also have annual membership fees.

If you purchase many items on your credit card, paying the whole cost of using the credit card may be difficult to handle and you may end up getting very high credit card debt in the process.

Low Interest Credit Cards Can Raise As Much As 30%!

It’s a fact that computers now make much more complicated decision while we need to manage much more complicated information.