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Low Daily Limit Credit Card – The Hidden Truth

What happens when you have too many items that are not really worth paying for? Or to even say little about the credit card it has in its name? These days most people are very careful not to provide information that is no longer useful and which they think is a giant joke. The important thing to remember is that some credit card companies are making money. The truth is that you should NOT offer any ‘guess’ as to whether they made money or not. Many companies are making their money, but they are certainly not guaranteed to make a lot of money over the coming year, period. You need to find out the truth and stop providing the negative information that may have been on your credit card, or at worst, at the very bottom of your self-image.

1. Do not give any negative information towards your credit card.

Your credit history will show you so and you will feel proud of it if you all just paid your entire debt and paid it off back in full. But, it doesn’t have to be. If you’re going to count the days when you could have paid that last credit card bill, or at least paid one bill, there are more people than ever who will want to pay for their own debt and not rely on their card to make ends meet.

2. Don’t go by your card.

You can bet that your spouse or child will purchase your credit card and then never meet your monthly credit requirements. They don’t have to. The credit card company will be so happy if you pay them the minimum required payment and use that card to pay their interest on the rest. Because most people don’t have to pay that much upfront payment upfront, they will be more inclined to use their card for purchases. That’s the way the world works.

3. Maintain the minimums on the card.

If you are married you will most likely need to pay the minimums for tax purposes as well. Since most people do not have to pay or pay, most cards will say to you that you must pay more after the initial statement period, unless they have changed their mind and will consider you eligible for another card. Your child will probably not even know that you are paying for bills anyway because only your spouse pays them. If that’s true then let the credit card company tell you whether or not you qualify for the other card.

4. Keep a record of all the payments that you made towards your card and keep at least as much of them in the past that you know about.

Learn all about the different interest rates, credit limits, card waiving and other fees and you’ll have a record of how you spent the money on the card. Many credit cards will ask you to send copies of your receipts with the payment you made to the card. And remember, these receipts no longer indicate the original charges you were aware of. When in doubt, send them along with the payment. Make sure it is past safe storage to the credit card company so that it might be shared with anyone who wishes to see it.

If everything is well arranged and the payments are of little concern, the credit card company can tell you that you paid that bill and you can be assured that you made all the payments on time. Because of the high interest rates and some of the new offers that are popping up all the time, most credit cards have a very high APR. Since it is you that will be really responsible for paying all of the minimums, many of these cards will also give you a 0% APR for the rest of the twelve months that you have the card.


The bottom line here is that many credit cards are killing people’s chances of ever using one. The bottom line is that there are still ways that you can apply for these credit cards, even if you have made serious progress in getting the card you want. You should still get a credit card at some point that you are interested in using, but there should not be a moment in time — even if you are thinking of getting a credit card, don’t waste it. Today I’m going to talk about two cards that do something that has never happened to anyone: the Chase and VISA. In this article I want to highlight just two of the credit cards that are killing people’ chances of ever getting that one great credit card. I want to try going two or three times to look at a few of the credit cards that are also killing people’ chances of ever get that one card.