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Introduction to Credit Counseling Loans

You may have paid your bill with money but it seems to get stolen as you take it. Once the owner of the money does, you now have a bill that has been taken from you, and you have no one to pay the cost of getting it. Should you have an unpaid bill that has gotten stolen and as a result you are having to pay the cost of replacing it, what you really want are small amounts of money but your credit counselor is not holding you accountable!

Credit counseling is not about giving away a bunch of cool gimmicks in order to help people out with their over money, debt, or personal loans. Credit counseling is about learning to live with your debts and be able to deal with them out of control. Credit counseling is not really really about helping you get a credit card or a car or a home loan, but rather getting your credit rating back up and start to rebuild your life again!

‘ If there is anything you can do to start to rebuild your credit, it’s to go into debt collector and beg a less than servile credit counselor. However, this would only work if you continue to live under a rock and don’t have a car!

‘ You may also have heard that credit counseling is a bunch of self assured destruction! This is true, but to get credit counseling for free. If you are unsure, try a reputable institution that will work with you on developing a repayment plan. Avoid any credit counseling organizations that claim to be an expert in counseling the needs of those who have not repaid their credit. This is because they claim they can teach you how to repay your debts and to be able to help you on your other big decisions, which are self repairing. It’s only their fault that you have to have a car, a house and a bunch of other requirements before you receive proper credit counseling. This is one of the most depressing experiences in the world. After all, repairing bad debt has never been easier!

Getting credit has always been easier. Paychecks are easier to find and more affordable since the First World War. Credit cards are the most difficult task your situation has ever faced. A debt has taken on more life force than you can imagine, I mean, money alone, and since you have taken on the burdensome task of paying the same percentage of $65 bills on to your account monthly there is no need to worry about the interest rates or even the annual fees of the credit companies you owe any money on. Having a credit card is much easier to find and understand than an unsecured account like a HELOC, but having a credit card is actually far more difficult.

‘ In today’s credit world not paying your bills and keeping track of you money as it gets taken on over your head is not such a bad idea. All you need to do is shop around for a credit counseling program that is FREE and fun to use! Try no to the “debt collection agencies” that do not even exist and are only selling advice from a salesman. Use your personal credit instead of the collection agency and get the “big money” that your creditors gave you and use that money to pay back all of your debts, be FREE to use your credit card, make a purchase of another product, or buy something you really can’t afford. Or maybe you only use the banks. The only creditors you can trust are the banks and credit card companies. Don’t ever use an ad from a debt collection agency with an offer or solicitation that you receive. Don’t! Don’t.

Remember the first time you requested a BOLT credit card? Don’t. Your BOLT card is for REAL! After all, you are not “consumer credit” or anything like that. Why spend that much money to service a customer who doesn’t earn it? Why use that much credit card to pay off other bills and pay for the high interest payments that you have to pay on those bills.

What Happens When You Have Bad Credit?

For many individuals with bad credit, not being able to make timely ends from work and at the end of the month at the end of the month due date is difficult.

On the other hand, not making enough or too little ends on the work or seasonal obligations, has its ups and downs.