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Intro To Credit Card Fees

I hope this article will inspire you to be sensitized to the pitfalls of credit card fees. Anyone can apply to a credit card without having to actually do anything to their credit card. No credit card company will tell you to, because they know you will always be charged higher fees. Yet if you do them, you may spend a large sum all day today charging your card with a hefty monthly membership fee.

Here are some basic tips on how to avoid these fees.

1. Pay off your balances.
The other side of credit cards is that you spend a lot of money constantly on your card. Spending money can buy you the interest that is charged for the credit card.

2. Avoid credit card related fees.
While not all fees are the same, credit card companies have changed. Since they are all based on one single decision, they can be a lot more stringent on your part. On one side is the fee on balance transfers. With your credit card, you get the option to transfer balances to your credit cards. On the other end of the spectrum, you have the transfer of credit card processing fees based on your credit rating.

Some companies can charge you higher fees than you would pay to meet the credit card minimum requirements. For example, if you are one of the few that don’t have to spend money at the pump, read on for specific fees and fees.

3. Use your credit card on purchases.
As you may have guessed, credit cards are really no friend to overspending. How can you spend these precious dollars that you receive in the mail and not be charged an over-spending fee?

The answer is one of convenience. When you buy groceries and fuel at the pump when you have a credit card, you must provide a credit card-worthy purchase at that pump. Not all credit cards are the same, and not all are free air miles and discounts on concert tickets.

If you spend on your credit card, you will likely be charged an over-spending fee that includes fees ranging from the very first purchase to the $23 to $39 transaction fee.

That, from a financial standpoint, is pretty special. If you read the fine print clearly, you will probably learn that credit card fees are really credit card fees. Why? Because this is a credit card company that is not willing to throw their credibility right in the face of people with clever and logical minds.

The fact is, credit card fees are not all expensive. Your basic monthly payment will be much higher than the millions of dollars that most people will be paying to have their credit card company send you a free ticket to attend a show.

This is one reason why so many people choose to have their credit card company send you a free trip to the Marias.

So, while you can go and feel great, going and doing nothing but paying your card and canceling up should be avoided.

More information about credit card fees is available in the online book entitled “The Truth About Credit Card Fees” published by Harp_EAC.

Here is a quick tip for those who are looking for a way out of their complicated credit card dilemma: Do not apply for or use a credit card without some form of guaranteed credit card approval. Doing so means that you are subject to a maximum fine and interest rate that can rack up to nearly $100,000.00 (over 20% of the balance).

If you find yourself paying that fine and interest, what are the options left to you?

The answer is to get your credit card prepaid automatically. Don’t pull the trigger on your own because your credit card company thinks that the method offered is something that you can handle or one that you will want to get on hold for a little while longer.

4. Manage your credit.
A few of the most popular credit cards today include:

Amex Black – Amex offers you free use of your Amex platinum card to consumers that own their Amex platinum credit card. With Amex’s platinum card, you’ll enjoy access to all of your credit needs. You can purchase a new credit card for just $9; spend a dollar plus one; and pay not to expire. There are no annual fees. It’s free!

Chase Platinum Visa Card – This card offers cardholders access to other cards, including Discover or American Express, for just $8.99; you will also enjoy shopping discounts on all airline tickets, and more. The Amex card allows you to acquire special 5% rewards on all Chase Chase purchases; use your Amex’ Platinum card for purchases.