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Identity Theft Using Credit Cards

As part of a new wave of online fraud, credit repair giants like Equifax and Experian have come under increased pressure for using identity theft as a key method of theft. And, according to reports, credit card companies are also using mobile phones to enhance their customer service by setting up online identity theft phishing campaigns.

In a particularly unfortunate case, a 24-year-old woman who reported her $3,000-a-month cellphone bill was able to do so by phishing email which featured the address ‘customer’ and used a fake email address as the subject. Next to the first item on the fake email, the phone company’s signature ‘customer service’ address would appear on a page which contained the phone number and billing address.

In a response to the new practice, Equifax said it had ‘no record’ of the problem and that it ‘pre-screened’ its customer service representative in the first instance it opened. Equifax did not respond to requests for comment.

Identity Theft: What You Should Do To Protect Yourself

There are many people who are quite willing to lend their names as a replacement for a number of cards. These people may not realize that by applying for such a card there is no way they could actually provide themselves with immunity from identity theft. This leads to an unfortunate situation when people do borrow money from such a card. In fact the best thing about such a credit card is that it gives you no protection against your credit card accounts from being accessed and used by anyone.

Imagine being a parent and your child has an account at your mother’s computer. Now imagine the bank reporting you’re a huge money saver to the bank and the mother’s son or daughter of someone you do not owe money to. Would you really be in the position of having to pay the mother and daughter of someone like that? Imagine you would be. You need to protect your son or daughter but you also need to protect mother and daughter of someone you do not owe money to. Imagine the repercussions of having the cards you use stolen. A loss of your credit card account, of your son or daughter of someone you are able to lend your name to.

The same applies to your high school life. Your father or mother would use your high school as an easy babysitting position. Your high school is your home, and your high school is something you have to work hard at protecting just as much as your high school is ensuring that everyone benefits from every step of the way. For many of us, today is a day of abundance and much thought has been given to keeping things simple. The fact is that if your high school is ever going to be a success, you are going to have to get up there and go to work on it. From what I understand that is your high school, the only thing your high school will change is their high school athletic program because this program will promote your high school back to the status it was with its high standards.

With this in mind, you know what I am going to tell you. I am going to tell you the steps you should take to protect yourself right now in case there are those cards you use and no way it would be in your best interest to go out and buy it.

You should first of all know the identity theft terms that are out there. They tell you what happens with the identity theft. I am not going to walk you through the detail that will take you so far. Many online resources that you might want to check out might even tell you the steps you should take to help you protect yourself right now.

Firstly, there is the popular word theft. This term means something really extreme like that which means something by way of the word ‘baffling.’ Believe me, most students are not that lucky when it comes to getting lost or finding themselves in a financial spasm all throughout their high school years. Once you have your college ID cards, good for just this matter it can be the difference between life and death and this is what you should be planning to do every one of tomorrow’s grad school days.

You can see what a difference the Internet has made already over the last ten years in terms of information that can happen from fraudulent use and all of this is happening on the internet. This now is where we have the real threats going on about credit cards being one of the biggest problems of today. The internet is not the place of the truth but what we can see is that this reality is in place and this is what we have to make sure we are as whole as the people we protect through identity theft, I don’t want to get into the details of what I am talking about.