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Identity Theft Checks

How many times have you experienced identity theft? If it is something you have experienced within the last year or so, chances are that the situation got out of hand and you needed to use your credit history or loans to a great extent to safeguard your credit integrity. But do you need to rely solely on luck to prevent identity theft? No! With identity theft coming under increasing scrutiny by Financial Services Authority (FSA) and the Financial Services Industry Christmas present, everything hinges on your ability to deal with them and follow the steps you need to take to protect yourself on the internet.

Virtually every major company to date has promised to make it more tough on identity fraud, so why not offer a different security feature, one that could be of great assistance to anyone in this unfortunate time? Zero percent credit cards? Yes, absolutely. These can be extremely convenient for consumers and banks to withdraw money using them online, and there are simply thousands of websites and phone calls to potential card issuers offering zero percent card offers across the nine major UK card chains. This makes it easy to provide all the information necessary on the application form should you feel you have been victim of fraud. A very handy security feature too, is the zero liability policy.

This zero liability policy offers a 10,000 day free insurance against any loss or damage if you are not the primary owner or user of this credit card. At the same time, if you use your credit card while the policy is active then for as low as one month you will not be liable for any third party credit card charges you incur for using your card, but you will be liable once the policy is up for six months. In a world of ever-increasing costs, this particular service offers a fantastic opportunity to save money.

Another potential benefit of paying zero percent balance transfer debt is the fact that they are now accepting cash back transactions in a very exciting new way. This means that no cash can be used so you can pay for any goods or services you purchase with your credit card using the cash register. With the new policy just twelve months ago, any transactions made with the credit card will no longer incur a charge.

So even if you have a zero percent or low interest credit card, to ensure you are not involved in fraud and liability, which it is intended to protect you from, it is simple to suggest that, if you are going to get out of debt, you will take the appropriate steps to protect yourself from any fraud that may follow your misuse of credit cards.

Identity Theft Explained

Identity theft, also known as identity theft and credit card fraud, can occur in all sorts of ways worldwide. When some people do not know their personal information is on ‘protected’ credit and debit card accounts they may be easy to get, access and use, then realize they need to change their passwords so they not only have access to the account, but can add any identification-related information to it.

One of the many ways in which identity theft can happen is when people think they have just been through a banking experience, not knowing all the details may turn out to be a clue they may have done a much worse job then the individual acted as though. This is one of the reasons why we have a lot of credit card fraud and counter fraud happening today. However, the statistics show that when a very small number of individuals enter into personal attacks on personal information then things have to change drastically, not all of the things are changed, but in some cases it is completely possible for some serious bad stuff to occur.

In fact, it is estimated that as many as 100 million of people annually in the UK have probably somehow lost their details (some wrongly) on their credit cards, most of these individuals may very well have lost all or some of the personal details they used. Although it is often extremely difficult, if not impossible, for someone with poor credit history to get the personal information they need to have credit and debit card holders identification, sometimes they will. Another situation that is used the most is to try and claim credit card identity theft when someone does get access to your personal financial details just by looking at a credit card or checking your credit report.

There are a lot of questions and answers available to help people with identity theft (if you think you may have fallen victim to identity theft then you should), so please make sure to check on all of the statistics reported by the various credit card and debit card companies and also find out any tips you may have that might help you get up to speed with your new found knowledge. Further information and help is always free at the end of the article.