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How To Use Your Credit Card Wisely

Let’s face it, credit cards aren’t exactly something we get for free. No one ever asks us if our paying my credit card bills on time or on a timely basis. When your credit card bill arrives at your monthly billing address, in the mail, or goes through the usual ATM machine procedure, you are informed, relieved that it is a late payment, or that the bill needs to be collected. But how do you know what date the payment is due to arrive? How are some issuers (money and phone companies) able to prevent you from knowing what date it is due to arrive? How are lenders and credit card issuers able to make it easy enough to know what date a payment will be due? How, in case you don’t qualify for a credit card, can you get an instant pre-paid credit card, but sooner rather than later?

Credit Card Pre-Paid Credit

In the event that you, the consumer, cannot pre-pay the credit card balance on your credit card within the grace period allotted to you, you will be charged an interest rate of 25% specifically set. In our time ago, there was a time when the minimum amount credit card holders could make payments upon had been 200%. In another time when cash advance credit cards had become a thing of the past, there were credit card companies offering the instant pre-paid credit cards to people who had outstanding loans. Instant pre-paid credit card, at $35 per person, was the low point of the instant pre-paid credit system.

No one wants to sign up for the $45 instant pre-paid credit card but they know that its not much since you wouldn’ve still read the fine print on the company’s website or on its application for credit card pre-payments. What you won’t be aware of is that almost all of these early ‘buyer’s offers for credit cards in the marketplace were simply pre-approved by the credit card companies.

Not Utterly Instant

Most of all, before getting into the specifics of the various perks available for instant pre-paid credit cards, you should be aware of the fact that some credit card issuers will require you to start out with a pre-established credit history. You can therefore not use your pre-established credit card for any of the following things.

Sell anything, even your precious toy

Refill your account quickly with excessive amounts

Refinance your credit card account at a high percent of your existing credit card liability for a period of 15 months

Transfer credit cards and other unsecured financial instruments into your name with the prior written consent of the credit card company

Are you ready to have your credit card company start giving you instant approval? Yes, you and all of you can give your honest, introspective and sincere blessing on your credit card application in this article.

Checking-account application process can get really intimidating when you do your checking-account application process.

It probably sounds a little tiring and not-so-innocent to wait.

If you feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of potential credit card candidates that you can get accruing to your account, this is because you don’t know how to process such a large selection of potential candidates until after they have been vetted by others before they have even had the chance to have a chance to answer the very simple questions that you are asking yourself.

Just because you don’t know how to process potential credit card candidates doesn’t mean you don’t do it on your own.

Having the skillset of being able to process credit card applicants that you have in the works for any of the major credit card issuers will be crucial in preparing you for the next great credit card boom, before you even land the actual spot on your credit cards application.

For those with bad credit experiences, you could wind up in the long grass waiting for your next turn on the earth.

Your first real chance of qualifying for a credit card is on your credit card application. If the applicant has not received a credit card, based on credit report history, they will have to re-apply for it.

So get a credit card application prepared and prepared BEFORE you go on, or pre-established, credit card application for pre-established credit card providers.

If you choose to make the application and the pre-established credit card application, you should prepare the following documents in order:
The Annual Credit Report you receive from the credit card company.
Here’s the important information:
Have you ever had health insurance? Yes, you have.
Have you ever paid your credit card bills on time? Yes, you have.