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How To Check This One Out

Many people ask; ‘How to check on a credit card company if you are being investigated for money-related charges?’ Unfortunately, the answer is simple; there isn’t anyone that you can trust who doesn’t know something is wrong. This goes to the heart of why so many people fall victim to identity theft; and what can be done to see that before you contact a credit card company with any charges (such as a bankruptcy or liens for example) to verify your identity, there are a lot of other things the credit card company should be aware of that can let you make sure you don’t land in the same situation again (such as identity theft).

Basically, identity theft is when someone changes your social security number without your knowledge. This may only become a problem if the person who registered your social security number changed theirs. If you think this is a bad idea, think again! Identity theft has happened to about 7 Billion Americans and millions more each year (1).

Credit card companies shouldn’t be the ones to let you get on the wrong end of a credit card fraud scam – and it all starts with you! If your credit card company doesn’t report identity theft to the credit reporting agencies on time – and doesn’t tell you when or where, it can actually make your credit scores take a hit. If you don’t report or report when for awhile, this can actually hurt your credit score (2).

In today’s fast-paced money market, identity theft is spreading as far as its claims will go, but it’s important to remember that there are many other problems with your credit as well – and you may want to call credit card companies and ask them to investigate you credit report. (3).

How to stop fraudsters from using your credit card and scamming you

It is perhaps unwise that we do not fully assess the credit card fraud and loss prevention (HOP) agencies that work in our area. Although there have been huge increases in consumer fraud and cyber crime in the past few years, our agencies have not made nearly enough headway on the problem of credit card fraud and loss prevention. Our success in dealing with these large scale issues presents each with a mixed bag. This can be a great challenge because it means that our knowledge of the issues and of solutions to meet them requires a fair degree of our co-worker’s time.

As well as the issue of credit card fraud and loss, another set of challenges relates to lost and late payments. If you are late on a payment or both credit cards are not credited, this can mean the difference between your life and that of your cardholder. When people believe they have been misled by false information and have found themselves in debt of money, this can have a devastating impact on their financial wellbeing and credit worthiness.

As an example, a student in York, England, we had $9,500 forgiven for just over a year, and only $500 went to the student over that period. The problem began after the credit card merchant account number was found on his account. I was able to go all the way to the bank and speak to the person who had received it. The bank apologised and brought it to our attention that the number had indeed been placed there by someone else and has since registered with the same authority. During this time the amount owing was subsequently reduced to only $3700 – one of the many problems we as a credit card issuer have identified.

How do I get hold of a credit card and how do I dispute it?

Even if the mistake is recorded by the credit card merchant, many people will not have this sort of experience and therefore we suggest that you review your account frequently. This means that you, as a cardholder, must not make any more or any smaller payments over the next six months. Sometimes this could mean that many months later that you will have been unable to make any real payments on your credit card accounts. If this is the case, then you could consult with an accreditation body (such as the American Association of Credit and Finance) and try to get a consumer to close the consumer bureau and resolve the problem. A credit card fraud referral service can be set up using your own money. This can then help you work out how much of the payment should go on the card fraud and how much on your collection agency can act as your first contact.

Of course, you could also contact the issuing company and inform them, but try to make the calls as simple as possible.