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How Citi’s Money Back Program Works

Using the Money Back Program, your Citi Dividend allows you to use your points on any products and services you may have purchased with your credit card, provided that you make your purchases at the Citi’s website.

Through its website, Citi Dividend provides you with a user experience that includes a number of features that help ensure you enjoy benefits with the program. These features include, the ability to request your free merchandise at their website, purchase services at their retail locations, in-store payments and rewards programs, as well as online participation in the Money Back Program, provided that you’re responsible with a credit card that sponsors their behalf.

Another feature offered with the Money Back Program is that more than 90% of your purchases made with the card are credited back to your account. When a cashback or rebate check is sent to you, this process can save you from paying any other fees associated with purchasing from participating merchants.

In addition to this automatic bonus programs offered with the majority of your Citi Dividend’s credit card offers, you may find that other features such as discounts on travel insurance and car rental assistance will also be available with the Money Back Program. These features are included for Citi credit card holders through its website.

The addition of these optional services does not mean that there is no additional benefit offered with the program with which you will be eligible. For example, if each of your purchases are charged to a credit card, and the travel insurance is in use, then the total costs will NOT vary. Rather, all costs that you pay as a card holder will be charged to your account.

Additional Benefits to Consider With the Money Back Program, and many more to come.

How Payback Works

You may have received a prepaid credit card in the mail, but you may not have believed it when the owner of the card says that you are automatically responsible for the payment until after you send the bill, before any interest is accrued on interest. A settlement agreement was signed between Paypal and Visa which can be viewed here.

Here is a small excerpt from the settlement agreement:

Visa – Your Account is Continued

Payment obligations on your account are continued thru the date of termination of the agreement at the level of Payment Limit and above.

‘ No Interest could be accrued on the unpaid amounts – including the outstanding balance upon termination of the agreement.

If you are a USA resident you’ll be entitled to a FREE US credit card, provided the bank that granted you this card acknowledges this obligation.

Payment obligations on your account are continued thru the date of termination of the agreement at the level of Payment Limit and above. You may also be entitled to one free monthly statement each month, for each check you reach your credit card statement. And once you reach the beginning of the payment you will have the opportunity to cancel prior to exceeding the minimum payment and spending any other amount for goods, services or services-the amount of money you have yet pledged-increased to a maximum of ’10. (You may be entitled to a $50 – $100 monthly “satisfaction guarantee”). In the event that your credit card is deactivated, you will have the opportunity to cancel your account at any time, in your agreement with Visa. If you’re unable to resolve your discrepancy in order to further the cause, at the option of the bank you owe the money from, you’ll have the opportunity to cancel your account from that of another of ” other ” bank.

Payment obligations on your account are continued thru the date of termination of the agreement at the level of Payment Limit and above. You may not be entitled to more than 5 FREE US credit cards per month, provided the minimum balance on your account does not exceed $50, sufficient balance available on the card is within $10, of ” $5 balance (Example: $5 is the “minimum outstanding balance” on your account as defined by the “balance-to-limit” calculation and $5 equal $5). The more the above, the less will be interest from the bank on the card purchases charged on to the account.

The following “features” may be “enabled” with certain Visa/Visa International Credit Cards with their associated payments limits(s):

‘ Payments-Limit-Adjustment

A payment-limit adjustment means when you reach the maximum balance after a specific balance point, you adjust your “revolving balance” so that the minimum balance that you owe upon your account-your balance-will rise.