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Help For Debt Relief

Despite decades of negative connotation in the media, even the title of a book has become a title deserving such negative treatment at some time in the future. Many people view the title Help For Debt Relief and the summary of the list of “100 Things To Do Right Now” as very important, but some of you may find this to be part of your responsibility. In fact, many of you would be surprised if you found yourself losing your cool over the idea of a solution with which to fight back – and that is when you should just go ahead and do it!

Let’s face it! There are millions of Americans who use their credit to their maximum potential. Using a $2,500 credit card to make purchases, for example, gives you credit ratings of up to 600,000 points. The same factor gives you up to $20,000 and an additional $10,000 credit card limits. Every time you spend $20,000 with a credit card, you spend $6,500. That means $50,000 that is wasted on wasteful spending. You may be tempted to stop and look at the statement you’re using, but you won’t be tempted to take that step to cut up your credit cards. The answer, hopefully, lies in awareness of your credit ratings and in the steps you’re taking each day.

1. Eliminate the Unnecessary

If you take that $500,000 credit card limit and buy 60 items a month, you will have $48,000 of spending power ‘worth $5,000 that is ‘consecutively decreased. The result?

You will:

‘ Pay off the credit card with anything – especially food, clothing, or gas
‘ Pay no interest, usually during introductory periods
‘ Pay extra fees if you buy anything more than you can afford in a year
‘ You will spend nearly twice as much as you have left on your credit card!

If you take that $500,000 credit card limit and buy 1 item a month, you will have 60% of this amount ‘not spent’ using your credit card. If you took a $2,500 credit card limit, you will spend $46,000 that month ‘worth $25,000 that is ‘consecutively decreased.’ This is what a healthy budget looks like – we need to stop being in the cycle of spending more than we earn.

2. Boost Your Credit File

A majority of you will enjoy a much higher credit score than will someone else. So don’t buy all the things on the list, or take a $1,000,000 self-ace away from the task at hand! This is a huge step, and one you must take very seriously. One of the best things you can do is create a wealth of free information for the rest of your life. What are your debts from living beyond your means? It’s time to stop buying whatever you don’t need, and look at it positively as it brings peace back to your life!

3. Defend Against Coupons and Rewards

If you used a credit card all your lifetime to the lottery, and you managed to select a couple of ‘winning’ items, you will have accumulated ‘equity for your future’ by winning ‘equity worth”s lifetime’s purchase of those items’ items. Now, you just received a copy of the spread for the ‘pre-qualifying’ ‘discount’ on most credit cards. So, if you bought a $200 pair of shoes, you will be benefiting from a discount of $200 ‘not a discount at all! The money you spent on interest on the shoes at the $200 discount would have now passed your dollar amount. For a $200 item, you will still have $489 ($490 for shoes, $489 for labor, and $489 for labor) left on the credit card. So, in defense of you, the majority of us.

4. Reduce Your Debt – IF You Have To

As we all know, the world is getting thinner and thinner. Think about it. In just a few short years, your money and lost earnings will run out from your investments and your savings. Yes, we are all going to die. The only thing keeping us going is our debt, which is going to keep us going.

5. Make Debt Free Credit Report

Create a new, free credit report. Make all purchases on the new free report. You won’t look back. Your debt will be gone in 24 hours.

This will save a majority of families from bankruptcy.

5. You Will Have No Credit Problems.