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Every once in a while, I visit a business developer’s office at the edge of town. This time, I am less interested in the recent layoffs that have taken place at corporate accounting firms and are more interested in the changes that have taken place in corporate policy and where people fit. Should you have a company that doesn’t require you to make your software? Should you be handling all of your accounting for you? These are real and important matters but there is much better news left to be done.

For too long, we have worried about our tax dollars. Now, we worry about the penalties that will accrue from having to start over. But instead of worrying about the penalties that will accrue from having to start over, we’re worried about the penalties that will accrue from being tax payers! Why? Because the majority of tax revenue goes to paying back taxes. That’s right, we’re paying back taxes on an annual basis. What’s so bad about that, anyway?

There is just so much available revenue to be made, in the business accounting world at least. But it is all going to dry up, and you will not be keeping up with the growing debts just because we let you keep it up!

So, why worry about the tax liabilities and the growing debts? With so many small businesses, tax payers need debt consolidation. The three main companies that levy the tax on tax ones:

Corporate America Inc. – this is one of the only small business ownership and management organizations. It has over $55-million in debt. It has 13,000 unsecured credit cards with about 100K of revolving credit available, 1,400 self-loaned student loans all over the place, a multi-million dollar department store chain ‘I’m not ashamed to say I got ripped off 15 times during my time as managing director – by a financial services firm,’ and it has been running for 10 years.

Other firms that levy the corporate tax are CME Group AG, Citigroup Inc, Royal Bank Sdn Bhc, HSBC Corp and Royal Bank Wain which have around $5-trillion in debt and 600K of unsecured credit cards.

A consolidation of the debts means that a small business can borrow only one credit card, each at a lower interest rate, with some other debt being paid off. The consolidation only takes place at the end of the month when the debts are completed. The consolidated debt would lower the monthly payment for tax reasons for tax purposes while all other things being equal, tax payments for tax purposes would pay 9.3% of the gross debts.

There are a lot of other advantages that could be added that are not commonly found in a few small business ownership and management organizations. For example, many small business owners can get tax-free rewards and add their own office supplies and office supplies at their expense, which could be an excellent tool for building real wealth. There is also the added benefit of working with a one time customer to build wealth.

These are just some of the ways that your small business can become a real force in the world of business. With a little time, good fortune and great responsibility can lead to big things.

Get A Copy Of Your Credit Card Application

We all know how expensive credit cards can be and even more so how the stress of never knowing whether you have what you want when you need it makes it really difficult to apply for a credit card. If you don’t have a copy of your credit card application, you will get rejected for an easy to overlook denial as well.

When you get the error of your entire credit card application denial you will have to fight to be able to reapply for a quick, resolution that takes time. Although there’s less work involved in getting your denial than if you just filed your response in detail, the cost of the human race still adds up. Here are some cheap tips to curb that human cost.

Send To:

American Express (5403)
10/9/99 — Rejection

Diners Club (5814)
10/3/99 — Confirmation

Mastercard (5898)
10/10/99 — Processing Time

Blue Cash (5825)
10/12/99 — Applying For Instant Approval

Cash Back:
Paying for Your Credit Card

Every month when you pay your balance off, a cashback rebate credit card will be given to you up front.