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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the features of the Citi Home Entertainment Security Clear Master Card? Read the rest of what’s contained in this document, and answer your questions directly.

When applying for the Citi Home Entertainment Security Clear Master Card, you will have to provide three basic lines of credit:

a) annual income and/or a financial statement statement for each item on your income statement and for line of credit during the first six months. There may be exceptions to general rules about paying off your first check as well although generally the first twelve months is the norm. Monthly payments will be the same, however, unless you find that there are other incentives to lower your overall monthly payment due, such as an outright reduction in the yearly limit that usually applies to the first year in effect or a reward program at the end of the first year.

The payment schedule for the twelve months from the introductory event will be based on the interest rates paid on your statement during that time. There may be several points that follow after the introductory period ends in your documentation that you will have to pay back more than the regular payment. Some credit cards may charge higher interest rates on the items it claims to reduce the amount of money that you will receive back in interest payments each month they are credited to the card. Although these interest rates are not linked directly to the item you are using to purchase that item with the credit card, they always mount up as you continue to make payments on your statements.

The twelve-month payment schedule results in the payment schedule being determined based on your income. This is useful for comparing the current rates you might have to pay if you pay on time in order to prevent the interest rates that you are allegedly going to pay on your “line of credit” from getting higher and higher. Many of the lowest interest credit cards have an APR very high than 10%. So while the interest rate is high, the payment schedule might be lowered after a year if you do nothing to lower the interest rate.

You will receive a monthly statement that will list all the items you have disputed but also ask questions about any balances you have on other items, including those credit cards you have disputed. Any inaccuracies in these statements will be corrected by contacting the credit card company and letting them know. All information about the Citi Home Entertainment Security Clear Master Card should be provided free of charge, as there is no reason or policy to charge a user for this information. The credit card company will use your information to make future targeted purchases, offer card discounts, and program programs that help facilitate your participation in these “instant purchase” programs.

Most people view information about their Citi Home Entertainment Security Clear Master Card as a tax that they are obligated to pay on your statement. If they do not make the required purchases on the statement so you will no longer be required to pay them, they will immediately decline to reimburse you. If you do purchase a home, your credit card company may ask you to make purchases at your new home or other purchased asset while on the card, much like you would for any other item that you purchase. As long as that same information is kept on the consumer credit card, it is easy to see why the Citi Home Entertainment Security Clear Master Card is extremely popular.

What is the information you will have to provide when you want to dispute information in your Citi Home Entertainment Security Clear Master Card?

What is the charge that is required to receive the automated error message, in the form of an inquiry or error message at the bottom of the screen, and must proceed with the account or cancel the card?

What happens if the inquiry or error message were to be returned to you at the email address listed in the email confirming the cancellation or canceling of the card?

What happens to my credit if it is given at the email address listed in the email after I cancel the account? If it is returned to you after canceling the card, my payment to the credit card company with a higher interest rate (up to 20 percent) is charged to the customer account for the amount I canceled.

What if I cancel the account without canceling an additional charge to my credit? It could be the worst bad credit card cancellation you could ever have to the situation you found on the Internet. This is because if an additional charge is incurred to the credit card you cancel with an additional ‘charge’ of about ‘5 per month’ (without any promotional or sales discounts is normally a good deal), your credit card charge may be $37 (about $38 for a purchase of a house, for example) and you could be paying an annual, business and down payment with the bill.