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Finding the best card

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As a consumer and a card holder, you make a conscious choice towards a credit card. However, there may not be a card that is exactly perfect for you. There are many factors you have to take into account in order to choose a card. You may be able to take a look at the APR for your current credit card. This is calculated based on the APR you have. Obviously, there are still more factors that matter to you and you need to choose the right credit card for you.

The APR can be confusing to you and if it isn’t clear, it can be. The APR is the number of weeks that credit card rewards are normally offered once they are paid off. Rewards are only good for a limited time, but can be extended again after that time expires. A credit card that offers long-term deals is also attractive to frequent check-outs. This makes it better for you, as some credit cards could set you back several hundred dollars in interest.

The APR may be changed at will; if not, you will get a warning. There may not be a zero fixed date for when a new APR will be applied. If it does change, you will need to call the credit card company to make a decision.

If you still don’t have a credit card that offers rewards, you will likely have to look at another credit card. You will normally find higher interest credit cards that offer “gold” cards. These cards tend to have higher rates and higher spending limits. Stay on the lower interest cards until you finally pay off your balance plus make the payment on time. Always remember that a low rate or spending limit is a maximum for most cards, and does not usually mean a low or zero balance on most credit cards.

Again, though, you are looking at different things in life and choosing the credit card with the lowest possible rate that you will experience. An APR is an acronym for Annual Percentage Rate. It can range from approximately 12 to 18 per cent which is very high for a credit card.

Finding the Best Cash Back Credit Card

Filling out a cash back offer is like applying for a spa appointment to get high doses of salvia all over you. However, the most important consideration when applying for a cash back credit card is deciding on the card that will benefit the most to you and your family. Don’t be misled by cash back credit cards that do not offer this kind of reward. There are other options available that even you would not consider if they are offering some sort of introductory offer like cash back or no reward.

A cash back credit card is one that offers the cardholder. This involves taking a cash back credit card and gifting the cardholder either a check or an envelope when he or she hits the card. Typically you will receive a check with your decision. This is another excellent way to go when considering cash back offers. You have to weigh the high cost of what you payed off the previous month against the fact that you will be back a small fortune since you have back some money in the form of cash back credit card interest payments. You don’t want to do this as it would mean not getting that card for very long since you will have to have another one. Some cash back credit cards will give you as little as 4% back at all times for a specific year. In fact one cash back credit card will give you up to 5% back for life. This may sound obvious but more and more people end up with multiple interest rates in one year because they had not paid back at all this year. The only way you can really get 100% return from a cash back credit card is to find a cash back card which offers 0% APR on purchases (before being charged anything) for only 5 years.

Also keep in mind that a cash back credit card is only your initial reward. You may offer a higher APR or even immediately increase the interest rate to give you the lowest interest all by yourself. Credit card companies and banks can and do charge a lot so it’s up to them to be smart. Pay attention to the fine print on your card! Some cash back credit cards even state that you have to have a minimum balance before you can get a new card. That is your initial limit and your new APR begins to kick in when the minimum balance reaches $50,000. Pay attention to the fine print, balance transfer fees and even unexpected fees. You want to make sure that you don’t add to your balance over a long period of time.

If there are even 1% annual percentage rate on your card offer it is likely the best cash back credit card that will be offered. The annual fee for cash back credit cards means that it reflects the spending propensity of a cardholder.