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Do I have a credit limit? Do you have debt to income ratio over 50 percent?

If you are like me, you can get a credit card that has a max limit. Whether it be for a credit card, a mortgage or a vehicle, a secured card can even give you a cash reward. While getting a secured card is the goal, if you find yourself struggling to pay off your debt, having a low limit card will be a huge help.

The Benefits of a Low Limit Credit Card

If you have ever done a loan online or by phone, you will instantly understand the benefits to you of a low limit credit card. No new credit must be added due to fees, minimum payments and fees for new accounts. Fees are used to set up ongoing fees on the account and include insurance on new purchases as well.
In many cases, many people find themselves paying more than they are paying on their current credit cards for the same amount of interest. Keeping this in mind, there are a variety of low limit cards available to you so make sure to choose one that gives you the best financing for your needs. A down payment, for example, means that you will pay 2.5 percent interest on your new charges. In the long run, this will significantly reduce a person’s finance cost and be a big savings to their overall debt load. Remember that a low limit credit card is an asset provided that those assets are kept intact. If they are to need it most of the time, they will want to get a credit card that has a low down payment.

Your New Credit Limit

Your new limit may be what you think it is; only that there will be a limit once the introductory period is over. Or to illustrate how point system works, just before the introductory offer ends the higher interest rate will continue to increase until the maximum available credit left for that year is reached. Once you have reached that limit, you will then hit the jackpot with a lot less on your loans.

A credit card with an 0% APR is something like an introductory offer but with a higher borrowing limit. It is an opportunity to pay up first and enjoy the extra money you can earn over the years. Not just any introductory offer but one that will last you the rest of your life, as long as you can get a credit card with the right features and pay it off. Make the right choice and enjoy it.

The Effects Of Bad Credit: How To Avoid Getting Scammed

Getting a credit card without permission is one of the most frustrating and embarrassing experience you will ever experience. I think most of us would probably completely experience regretting getting scammed for using our credit cards, especially if it meant running up a bigger bill than we actually had to. Here are a few reasons why getting a second credit card is so important —

Credit and Debit Prevention — Even though it may only hurt you right now, a blocked Internet account can be a deterrent anyway. With older block extensions, you could use a third party service to get your account removed before you paid anything out.

Keeping Your Debts — Things can go horribly wrong if you don’t take drastic steps to avoid getting scammed. If you need to pay a credit card bill in full each month — you’re going to see a big difference. For example, if your balance on your checking or savings account is $500 — and that is correct — and you only carry that $500 at the end of the month — you’ll likely get slapped with a 0 percent credit card introductory APR for the first six months. Then, after the introductory period is over, you’ll have a $50 balance on your second card, and new cards like our Platinum Two-Card Credit Card will start raising their rates quickly. If you receive one of these cards and pay them off every month, you’ll find that it’s about half of what you initially charged on your first card.

The Effects of Bad Credit — So what should you do if you find yourself scammed? Here’s how I found myself scammed.

I was having a problem with my credit card payment that had been made on my statement on the statement said to be incorrect. I had written to the credit company in writing requesting that it immediately correct the problem. I am sure you’ve all checked your credit card statements before making your payments online, and been told that you’re ‘not eligible’ for a credit card without a deposit account at a bank or other similar ‘line of business’ institution. Yes, that is true. But having a credit card in your wallet can also mean that you may need to purchase a new plane ticket or vacation package if you don’t have the cash for them.