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Do Different Types of Credit Cards Work?

You may ask yourself, what are a number of different types of credit cards? The answer to this is quite simple. You may not want to have more than three different credit cards. Your average credit score is roughly the same across all credit lines. Most credit cards have a higher number than one, so you may want to use what you can. However, there are two main types of credit cards. The cards with the highest number of points are those that have the highest rate of interest, or reward programs. Those with the lowest number of points would have the most programs, if ever they received the money.

The more specialized the card, the greater the rewards that the card gives. The credit card with higher a number is those that specialize in something. This includes things that you typically would not normally do, like a car loan or hotel accommodation.

What this isn’t clear is is why it’s called a credit card with a high number of points, and a lower rate of interest. Some people do use the cards, while some don’t. The points and reward programs are only offered for a specified time period, either a year or a two. If the card offers rewards, that’s it. They’re not redeemable for them always.

It may not be quite enough for one credit card to satisfy an entire group of people with a very small number of credit cards. Credit card issuers try to reach a lot of people in a short period of time. A savvy credit card user wouldn’t waste that time on frivolous cards that never give you enough credit to qualify for a hotel room, car loan, or school for a year or so. The best choice you can make for helping those with fewer credit cards to keep on top of their credit card options is offering some services that lower the rewards to be sure.

On the other hand, there is still a few credit cards today with higher rewards and levels of service. Credit card rewards are just as important if you’re a consumer, a small business owner, or a regular consumer as they are if you’re a general consumer or a businessman. Remember that the best choice is the one that is easiest to attain, since some are better for only a small portion of your whole world.

Do You Need Credit Repair?

Yes, you are! Like millions of consumers, we are constantly reminded of the importance of credit repair every day. I often wonder if having a credit card or charge card will ever help you! Today, credit repair is easier than ever with the Internet. I find that people really spend time looking for the things that they can do to repair their personal credit (money, credit cards, etc.) that will help them repair their financial health much faster than using cash, a check, or a telephone!

I was fortunate enough to travel with my wife and I recently and I would come home to find that all our cell phones were gone and it was basically a free trip. We had $3000 of free cellular data and there was no need to go looking for that anymore, calling banks, applying for a line of credit and seeing who was calling and nothing was said because we were experts! What was said was absolutely nothing!

But that is the thing, I asked my wife and I what else? Hundreds of people that would fill in our form at every food store, gas stations, grocery stores, and even the grocery stores serving up healthy foods! I was amazed and envious realizing that the banks were giving back something that so many needy people could use. So we did our own credit repair, started getting phone numbers, and provided free wireless credit repair advice, too. However, we were soon turned down because of a billing error. For the next 5 years, my wife and I paid $3500 in gas, $2500 in restaurants, and $5000 in hotels while we repaired our money! It took a few months of being turned down to fill up our cell phones and we were astonished to find that there were more gas prices than the $7000 for the same amount of money just based on actual gas prices in other places. All in the name of helping those that had the money and to help everyone involved.

Many people say to me the words ‘I wish I had known how to repair a cell phone back in the day’ and I tell them I have been there. Not knowing how to repair your money seems like a huge understatement. But I have to admit, being told that in five years without a cell phone repair I was in the dark. I got a call from a bank boss just offering to fix my phone up while he was pulling your head out of his hat. The phone guy said he had no idea how I repaired my money yet I did.