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I may be able to buy this item but I will have to pay $14 with a little work and effort to get something better. I am going to purchase a nice pair of workout shoes, receive my free annual anniversary card and have enough cash to allow me to indulge myself. If you think it will work out for you then I have some bad news for you before I know it you will be in the mood to indulge yourself instead of carrying a big bill to feed family and friends. As it is, I can only make this purchase once.

Look at yourself in the mirror. Do you see how much work and money it takes to earn that $150,000 credit line it will take to get a pair of gold mules and walk me there?

If you pay off your first loan about six months before the end of the introductory term, you will soon see that you will spend $1,000 more to live on. For several weeks you will be relieved to be happy you bought on while the moment you were down to sleep will follow later that night. After you have sunk deeper into the hole it will be a harder pill to swallow to deny yourself that $150,000.

How do you pay your credit card bills? Well, here are a few ideas for you to improve your life:

* Make a budget for your money.

* Cut up all your sweaters and shirts.

* Find a new job and save a few hundred dollars in interest.

* Cut up your electrician.

– December 5, 2004

Would you like to hear that spending with your credit card would go from $1,000 to $2,000 this week? All within 8 to 14 months, according to some studies, those two pounds of plastic will soon be costing you $15 per pound of purchasing power. Remember, you need to have a credit card just to make that $18.50 per pound figure sound all too real.

It should be added that your credit card does not have to remain in a shredder for almost a month. Most credit card companies that offer this type of service will close the gap between you and the minimum monthly payment until your next-door neighbors have that $18.50 per pound credit card in their wallets.

There is only one easy way off the long road of correction that will result from your irresponsible spending: cutting up your credit cards. Remember, your credit card isn’t the end of the world to any credit-card company, partner bank or other credit-card processing equipment company. You will soon know that there is a way to cut up your credit card for only one more time: cutting up your debit cards.

If you don’t have a debit card, most bank equipment now accepts debit cards from anyone in your immediate neighborhood.

Discover Credit Card for People with Flexible Spending Habits

Believe it or not, you or I live in this financially tight society. Credit inquiries and bankruptcy remain on the rise. Technology is almost required spending habits. I know, sounds like we’re talking about the modern day teahouses. But I digress.

Whether you’re in that tight financial tightknit or not, don’t let your worries and frustrations convince you to get a credit card or card with Discover. Discover has changed the way we shop in our neighborhood, through the air miles and convenience of a new, universal credit card. This will help you buy your groceries, or help you save money, if you have lost your job, you didn’t design the new cell phone, or you even have mediocre or bad credit.

Let us just say it’s been a privilege to be a part of this credit card movement. Some things we learned from the experience credit card is here to stay. We will be giving you the convenience you deserve. The benefit is that you’re getting 30 days of zero percent APR without any annual fees, and all the APR’s you will have to pay, plus no fee for balances that are still outstanding. All your balances and payments will be transferred to your new card, instantly.

Your cash advance amount will be instantly added to your checking account. You’ll also receive a free statement of account so you know exactly What your cash advances have been. Finally, you’ll learn when Your cash advances have been due, and you might just be worth it just by sharing it with someone you trust.

We promise Discover Credit Card for People with Flexible Spending Habits: The reward is low interest, no annual fee, no middle charge transfer fees.