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Credit Repair Through Counseling

If you’ve been late on your credit cards, you’ve been late on your loans, and you’ve been late on all of them. What best describes your situation is the fact that you have paid bills on time, and now the problem is paying them on time. All it takes to get the creditors to change is one change from your bankruptcy.

It seems that with bankruptcy, you would most commonly be charged with a bankruptcy. This is a declaration of bad credit that basically means that you can not pay your bills on time. But what happens if they change your credit? Can happen. So how can you repair your credit.

The first thing you need to do is call your creditor. If they do not accept your due date offer, then your payment cannot be made at all. This is the easiest way to repair your credit. Secondly, try contacting your creditor immediately if they claim that you did not make a payment as stated in your bankruptcy declaration.

Lastly, if your creditor have decided that they will not accept your due date offer, try contacting them. Contact them by phone to see if they have made a change. There is usually no guarantee that you will not be contacted at this point. Try contacting your creditor at least 2 times a month. The number 2 is the best. Phone the number that you have been referred to in the past and fill the return envelope with the phone number that correspond with your creditor.

You have to work hard to repair your credit, and if your creditor has made a change then you are not the only one to lose a job. Also, it would make this procedure so you have to get it in place in order to repair your credit.

If your creditor has gone out and done damage work, then let the incident go and learn from it. Check out a few of the reputable companies they can use. You should also try taking any letters and commentaries one can receive when he or she is trying to repair credit.

When you are working every day to buy that expensive car and you are unable to pay the rent, but your creditor just happens to be out of town, you are in contact with all the major credit card companies. If they refused to accept your application, then you must contact your local consumer protection agency.

If your creditor has claimed that they have made a change to their policy and you can still make a payment, then you can also ask your lawyer to contact the credit card company and request their assistance in repairing your credit.

If you make a phone call and they will not accept your application in good faith, this goes back to the beginning of the procedure.

Credit Repair Scams

There are numerous credit repair scams out there. If you notice a scam or one then you need to be educated about the risks involved. I went through a few and made the first grade as a student.

Step one involved me calling hundreds of credit phone companies in order to get a free copy of my credit report. I asked about one of the credit repair scam companies. I asked to speak with a representative for the company. They agreed to rent me a phone to speak with me.

I asked them if anyone had ever offered to help me repair my credit. They laughed and said it never happened. Yes they could get my credit back but I had the right company to use. They came over and spoke to someone to talk to me. He did a consultation and cleared my credit. I did the same for the next 7 months. I never had any problems or debt. I’ve been able to pay off my credit debt in almost 25 years.

It seems so many credit repair companies prey on people that don’t pay their bills. I called my reps and asked if they were aware of any companies that had offered to do any of this work for free. They all laughed at my query. After I told them of anyone that did this, the rep laughed again and asked if I was aware of another credit repair company that offered to do that for a fee. I declined.

The next rep I spoke with was adamant that no company had ever offered to help me repair my credit and was more forthright with me than that. I told them I was unaware of any and that it was easy, if they offered to do so for a fee. After I started speaking with people and following up with proof that no companies are doing this, not one from memory told me another credit repair scam was on the way.

A few days after that meeting my credit report & rep information were confirmed as correct.