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Credit Repair

If you have filed for bankruptcy recently, you probably read all the articles in your local paper, you read all the articles that people are calling you to clean up your act and you even read all the articles and tips that went into every piece of statements you receive from the creditors you owe money to, all to assure you that you can repair your credit, repair your credit and repair your future with your life, never thinking about this until you have received your bill in the mail and you have the bill with your signature and the creditor in the notification that informed you that you are in default of your payment obligation.

For instance, even though you may have no immediate obligations to you creditors, legally you still owe them money and they have to allow you to have clean credit if you want to enter into any agreements that require any obligations on you to pay or get any credit in bankruptcy or any other form no matter how insignificant the credit appears to you.

Because you owe so much money to creditors, you have no rights when it comes to payments you can’t make and a debtor who is paying no interest on your outstanding debt is not even considered a debt.

So does this mean that everything that you owe in this business is totally owed to you? No and not. You could simply be paying a higher interest rate so that you won’t be able to take out more loans and make more payments as you have been incurring a higher rate of interest as well. You may be surprised at how many bills have come in the mail reporting payments for a month that are being told they “need to pay”, another month the plan is already paid off.

It may seem strange to realize that you have more rights than other creditors because all you have to do is show that you are “worthy” for repaying the debts owed. But the fact of the matter is that when you are denied your debt due to poor credit, you are finding it hard to get another loan and will be paying overpaying and overstating your liabilities because they have approved of your circumstances so they can approve of how your situation is going.

It means that all other debt related problems simply have their origins in your financial situation and you as a person are not considered a legal or due process debtor if you show that you can pay your debts on time and properly.

What does this mean? You can pay more if you know that you are entitled to get the amount of money that is owed and it will reflect on your future credit rating. The legal aspect is one that will remain in place for some time and you can always use your own personal debt consolidation loan to consolidate the debt and open another secured loan which will get more interest, plus a lower rate of interest.
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Credit Repair Agencies

Credit repair agencies are organizations that assist consumers through the hard part of credit repair on their own behalf. Because credit repair agencies only work with consumers who are in good standing with them and with them having a satisfactory credit report, they are well represented in Congress.

Credit Repair Agencies – Glossary

In this article I’ll explain how to obtain a credit repair agency and explain how to properly utilize a credit repair agency.

In this article, I’ll focus on how to properly utilize the credit repair agency in order to repair my credit and my overall situation.

As a commercial lender it seems to me like a credit repair agency is important to establish a good credit history, pay bills on time and in full, stop financially hiccups. However, I see absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t be able to obtain credit repair agencies.

Because of the tremendous growth that technology has experienced in the past several years credit repair and credit repair agencies are now not only legal but oftentimes times acceptable. They are very helpful and will negotiate better terms with you if you need their services.

I still get emails from several consumers that say, “Do you have a credit repair agency ?” There are a lot of legitimate agencies out there that are looking for people to help them create a bad credit report and do some damage control. However, there are times when a credit repair agency will be more sympathetic than other agencies.

Here’s my personal history. It started about 15 years ago when my brother and I were both in college. I was studying accounting and did some homework on my father.