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Credit Counseling

Today there are hundreds of companies claiming they are credit counseling agencies. While it is rare and must first be sought, these companies are legitimate businesses and do not carry any false advertising promises or charges made by their promoters. For less than a year, you also did not require any form of proof, provided you submitted all statements, documents and phone calls made by you during this time. You also did not have to pay a set compensation, tax, or other fee.

Most companies provide you with a 3-day layover to help you re-establish your identity and rebuild your credit rating. The layover allows you to take a look at your current financial situation before you are even halfway through your application process. Doing this will make it easier for you to find companies who are willing to help you in any way that you can, and then take the necessary steps to assist you with your dreams.

Types of Credit Counseling: There are numerous different types of credit counseling available, including education, consumer counseling, business counseling or government-sponsored programs, or simply debt counseling. If a company is receiving consumer complaints about them, this is one option that many consider. If an educational component of credit counseling is included in the company’s services, the consumers should consider this the starting point. If all they are interested in is debt reduction, they should not be on the lookout for consumer credit counseling companies.

Platinum Visa Scam Credit Card Counseling ‘This is a scam that promises you’ll get better deals on your credit cards – when you actually pay your bills. You are offered a chance to spend an amount that is more favorable and lower than what you had previously. You are offered a low monthly interest rate that will provide you with some savings if you use the card wisely. This type of credit counseling is offered by reputable companies instead of low cost companies. This is a nice solution for saving money, and you have some legitimate options.

Late Fee Scam ‘This type of promotional offer doesn’t have to be expensive. Instead of giving them 30 days to tell you you won’t be billed, as the brochure states, they can use this time period to tell you in detail how much money you are charged. Many of these companies charge as much as 3% in late fees so if you are late with credit card payments, it is not worth the extra cost.

Payment Theft ‘Any consumer with no fixed payment obligations should be on the lookout for a financial counselor that takes this personally so that the debt can be removed from your account. While the problem could wind any time a payday grant creditor is standing in the way of your payday, this type of counseling is not the answer. If any of the above concerns are mentioned, most creditors will dismiss them as well. But that does not mean a counselor never takes the time to do so – it is always important to speak to a counselor before you agree to talk to anyone.

Credit Counseling Can Be a Force for Good

A word about those trying to get a credit limit on their credit cards. A credit counselor will place your credit card and ask you to sign up. By signing up you agree to get help with your credit card application in a way that will help you in the long run, to help the most financially successful people in our society.

You are doing a lot of work for the world that you take some money from and make it ever more available in an all too easily available way for those who need it. And while you have fallen victim to all manner of scams for paying credit card applications, you should understand that this is of course a temporary solution. We all need credit cards. We all need anything of the sort in order to live debtually, but in this case, the idea of getting a credit card just for using credit cards is too attractive a thing to happen. You need all your credit card money at your disposal. And while having the option of a credit card may be convenient for some people, you still need the help that you get to break free from every pasty shackles one is tied to.

In order to truly break free of these shackles, you must do some homework on where you stand and how you plan to repay your purchases and how you plan to use your credit cards. A major point to go here is that no matter how much you put on the Internet each month, you really don’t need to call or write the consumer hotline. A real, well trained consumer hotline is often the only way that you can actually get a response, let alone attempt to clear out your credit card account. If you do this as a major, everyday act of kindness then those few seconds on the Internet will save you plenty of headaches.