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Credit Cards For College Students

Are credit cards for college students necessary! Credit cards for college students are just that, a college student credit card.

However, it can’t be the whole truth that you SHOULD definitely provide a college student with a credit card when you need it. Most college student credit cards look exactly the same as every other credit card do, so even if it’s just in the name of necessity, you absolutely have to provide just the minimum payments and then let them go through.

There is no such thing as a credit card for everyone. There are a selection of credit cards that you could buy if you really, really wanted to, and then, all you need to do is pick a card. The choice is yours!

Here is the introductory offer:

“Introductory APR for students with AAA credit cards. This offer includes 0% introductory APR of 12.49%, for a na ness for the first year, then for the entire life of the card. APR is calculated annually. The APR for balance transfers, new purchases, and cash advances can be as low as 23.99%. The introductory offer also includes 0% rate for the first twelve months. The interest rate for purchases is 11.99%. You can expect interest rates for the life of your card, so apply after consumption, if it is a problem at all.”


“1. If the student reports the card to the credit bureau the pay-off is credited to the card. You will also be required to pay a charge fee which is levied upon every balance carried on the card. The fee for the card, when paid in full, will serve as the intro rate for the first year.

2. These same introductory APR rates apply to transfers from one card to another.

3. In addition to 0% for any amount repaid the student has the option of getting an introductory 0% interest rate for the life of their card for the next twelve months.

While all this sounds great, there is a caveat. If there are any fees associated with transfer of balances from other credit cards you must make use the usual methods such as, balance transfer or cash advance. The fact is, you cannot get that reward by paying in cash. You can still avail of any of the various credit options available, provided you are careful about not getting ripped off by interest costs and fees.”

What, you don’t read these statements? What the hell do YOU think they mean? Your credit card company would NEVER give transfer offers to new customers (unless they have sold you them), or offer you the cash back credit option! Let’s face it, people who are in debt do NOT want to transfer any new debt onto their old credit cards. Should you get ripped off just because the salesperson says you can get “late payments”, that is an acceptable reason to refuse the credit card offers in question – even though you DID intend to do so.

You could still find credit cards that offer credit cards for college students to apply for, which is entirely up to you.

Credit Cards For College Students

Are credit cards for college students necessary? Yes!

However, it isn’t enough just to be able to afford a credit card to fulfill your academic dreams (think student credit cards for instance).

No one really knows how hard it will be for most students to pay their credit cards back if the rates they’re going to get are no better than their current rates.

How do you get rid of such a pesky problem? Student credit cards are good for students – credit card companies provide what are called ‘student credit cards’ and cards that students actually use. College student credit cards, unlike other kinds of credit cards that they may apply for through dealers who may be trying to get special treatment from the government, will give you additional benefits since you already have a college student credit card.

Tip: Get a credit card, which seems easy enough, actually requires more effort to get you through a tough time each month than your real credit cards are to use.

Student credit cards’ rates are an easy way for you to keep up with your academic dues, but don’t forget that it is a loan – one’s responsibility to pay it back – it’s also the debt you’re going to have to pay.

In the end, college student credit cards for college students is kind of a wasted opportunity for students to get a credit card.