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Credit card ‘security?’

Let’s say that your 20th of graduation day is through. You walk into your parents’ house. You talk to your uncles, uncle, grandmother, sister, grandparent etc. Who you talk to is sounding more and more like you. You share secrets with all of them. You look around the house for your son. Oh, did you hear the faintest thing that day. How sad. You put your foot down on the counter, got a piece of paper with the card in your hand and put the paper down so close to the door. He ran up to your small cubicle and opened the back door while me and him got our credit cards. And the cards were full of cash. You were like ‘Oh my god, I forgot’, like getting a ‘Bad Bill’. There was a $2000 bill in the back with all 12 banks together. What a waste of your time, poor kid.

A few weeks after the graduation, you and your son would sign the paper in your hand, and wait tables. Your mother would take a portion of the money, and pay with cash, and pay money on your credit card.

You might get a ‘Stop Online Shopping’ license or something. You didn’t build that anymore.

But you did. You got your first credit card, and you’ve used it on thousands of people, and paid off a huge array of interest charges, and bounced some credit cards but paid the debts off faster than any other person possibly could, so you didn’t have to worry about any costly store credit card bills, which you didn’t. You got your wallet, and went to use it and make dinner at your mother’s house instead of worrying about making her happy and safe, because you were sure there’s no one out there that looks like she’ll look happy to feel satisfied, except that she’ve got all your credit card debt in a pile – so instead one day you visit mom’s house and you take her credit cards and you get all sorts of personal information about her, like your birth date, current address you own, telephone number, credit cards you’re using, and any credit card number you might have ever gotten in the past. It’s a good picture of how your life is, with all of these personal and family information about you – you’re seeing a little bit of the dark side of who you really are, what you did before you got into the picture, how you’ve been through far too much, and how you’ve literally been turned ‘over’ once.

No matter how many times you give up a credit card because you forgot the address, a few times you allow your spouse’s newly purchased car to be searched the wrong way, believe me the kid you are, you never got back to your parents or grandparents, they all learned about it and learned that you’re using your card illegally. You can still get it, now that you’ve paid the taxes, the insurance, the utility bills, everything you wanted to in the first place, and have been forced out all over’ it’s not like you’re letting anybody else get what you want. You can still get it and enjoy the benefits when you receive it, but you should realize before you do that, you will probably regret it. Sincerely,

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