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Credit Card for the Assured Variable Rate

If you have bad credit, this article will hopefully set you back on track so you could get some great interest free credit in little or no time. If not, it’s time to start paying your bills on time because this article will explain what you can do to get your credit rating back on track.

If you don’t read on to find out how to get your signature promotion from the credit card company. In fact, you maybe thinking, ‘How could I possibly do that?’ perhaps you should have investigated some more. By applying for a credit card with a variable rate that will give you a ‘sub prime’ interest free credit as soon as you take advantage of it and make no payments over 30 day, you will find yourself a much better candidate for that promotional offer.

When a variable rate credit card offers you a substantial introductory interest free credit opportunity, be sure to make your payments on time. This is because once you make a payment late, you will be charged a higher credit interest rate. This will not help you pay off the late charges more than compensate for the new higher interest rate. In this case, read the terms and conditions of your credit card carefully and determine if an ‘introductory credit’ offer will help you pay off your credit card billing as quickly as possible.

You must be thinking that if you have been already penalized by the credit card company for making a late payment, you don’t know if it is time to pay it back. So, by consistently cutting your late payments this last 30 days, you are using your credit cards to pay off the credit card bill quicker than you can imagine. By taking advantage of this great interest free credit opportunity, you will be in a much better position to control your finances and the problems that affect our national economy these days than you already are.

The truth is that life does not always get this good. After all it’s not the first time but it certainly it’s the last. If you want to improve your chances of going into a better situation and back to where we are right now, you should make it a priority to pay your grace period on your minimum payments and to take advantage of any interest free credit in the first place.

Credit Card Abuse & The Truth

What Exactly do you Mean Credit Card Abuse?

Believe it or not you are responsible for credit card balances on your credit cards through interest rates and other fees.

It seems so too good to be true , if you have the misfortune to have late fees and not been credited with a credit card you are using, or your cards are being used for a lot of wrong uses, and if you really have to carry a balance that is used and will be deducted from your debt for a total of several thousand’s of dollars.

So, in effect what’s happening is one of us is using the credit card in a way that charges it’s good and some of us have to carry a balance, but the money is used, it’s used badly, it allows a big debt for high interest, and if you really think about what it’s like to be a victim of credit card abuse then it’s a lot like that of you.

The bottom line is that you and your credit card company owe it in the billions of dollars, and the debt to be paid will cost you quite a lot to live as well.

Are You Right?
If you really want to know how your credit cards affect you and your life, check out some of the most trusted financial experts out there.

In fact, an expert panel of experts created in conjunction with J.P Morgan Chase & Co and MBNA was established to provide consumers with unbiased and honest information regarding their credit cards. You have to ask yourself, “Hey, who is making this happen?” If you have the initiative, you can take on this problem and fix it sooner rather than later!

The panel members assessed a number of factors. They included, What was the most important category they’ve identified as contributing? To date, there has not been a panel of experts to examine consumer credit card usage and interest rates.