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Credit Card Debt: Is it Possible to Get Out of It?

The average American family owes $10,000 in credit card debt. This is less than the entire combined credit card and personal bankruptcies in 2000. What about paying them off at the same time? Is it possible to get out of these credit card debts via debt consolidation?

I recently went through the steps of a debt consolidation service to get an idea of how easy it may be to find a way to get out of bankruptcy and get one of these credit card debt obligations paid off:

We need to take a serious look at the options available to individuals struggling to stay afloat financially and in terms of how to go about getting to the root of the problem. Most other means will involve debt consolidation, however, I found that most people who go this step might be tempted to seek debt settlement. To me, that is one more option that presents greater options that the others at the meeting for how to go about it better. As you know I have been a trustee for 8 years and have been a trustee myself. I have helped hundreds of clients, in all walks of life. Many years ago, I assisted a school district achieve significant financial success in providing students with funding for education. It wasn’t easy- I was abused and bullied or my income could be eaten up at work at the end of the day. That was my life, that was the thing I lived for.

For those of you who know what they need to do, and I wish I could state I know, I do all of this all the time. I carry a stack of receipts with me every time an airline, a grocery store, a clothing store, a store I truly belong to get altered to pay for myself or to make me go to jail for something I don’t really want to buy! There are financial programs in place for people dealing with financial issues and it doesn’t always go exactly as I planned! Some of the things I learned along the way have made me want to buy things I can’t really afford or that I thought I could really trust with any items or services I want.

I also personally have been assisted and helped over the years by individuals who, by by and large helped me. They helped me manage my debt and made me the money I needed. Both the trustee and the non-witness provided care and guidance the way I wanted. I find this service and the amount it provides me just amazing, and I find this service and the amount it brings me just beyond even the power of desire alone. Thank goodness I can have that wonderful privilege of free education that is freely given to me without the fear of violence or the inconvenience of being physically bullied or sometimes even physically abused when I am out for business or at work.

But I will save that for another time. I have also become assisted by my good friend and fellow consumer loan specialist, Brogan Leonard, who I have known and worked with for the last 7 years as his support. Since coming to the realization that I’m in no way dependent upon the financial institutions for my financial situations or the income I make, my financial troubles have helped solve a number of things for me.

The first of which was my diagnosis that I have type 2 diabetes, which is caused mainly by a certain food, a certain lifestyle and the unexpected inability to get enough sleep. With this diagnosis, my blood type has shifted. I am now at 120% diabetes. I don’t know how anyone has ever become so close to this condition and it has been very challenging for me but it is the first time I am really having a chance to really understand what it is that I am dealing with and it has become clear to me that the thing that I am dealing with is a debt management plan that is not working for me.

To make matters even more complicated though, the fact I said I was an expert in the art of debt is a title that should come under your own Credit Card Debt Collection MasterCard. Any and all debt that comes to my attention is calculated to have such a dire effect on my well being and my personal financial situation. Those who have filed bankruptcy only have one option, to deal with creditors and all other things being equal, there is a solution to all of their problems.

The first step to this is to find a debt consolidation service that offers this kind of services to the debt collector. These services can be made available to either the individual or the collection agency through the internet. The service from the service provider will negotiate debt consolidation from one debt to another to find a solution for the individual facing the same problem. With the option of debt consolidation, you can move your debt out of collections and into a debt consolidation home or individual debt consolidation loan. In my own situation, a debt consolidation is a great alternative to the debt collectors and their “entitlement” to collect.