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Credit Card Consolidation

If you’re able to pay your current monthly bill off each month and don’t have the anxiety of paying more than your credit card debt to clear your credit card debt, you could consolidate your credit card debt and pay off your entire balance by using a credit card to pay your last remaining balance. However, you won’t get rid of the card overnight, so you have to first plan to do this or you may face consequences such as a late fee or higher interest rates.

With the traditional method of buying a basic or a credit card, you pay the credit card company a monthly fee and usually may have to pay additional fees to obtain the card. In order to consolidate your credit card debt, you can either apply to one of the large banks which issue credit cards or you may use an online pre-approved online application. The best alternative to getting a traditional method of unloading your credit card debt via mail would not be an easy solution. Here are a few things to go by that you can look into:

1. Do not apply online. This is a trap that gives you additional fees, and this will only lead you to another higher interest rate. It does not help if you discover on applying that the banks you have to pay have bad credit scores. If a credit card has an excellent credit score you may not even be approved for the credit card.
2. Pay your credit card balance the same or next month.
3. Do not keep your personal details private via email. Be very careful here. When you receive an email with your personal details, you must ensure that you enter them correctly. They must follow a strict standard. If one letter does not do it, you must not send them the email. You should make certain that your email address and all associated personal details are below your email address so they follow a strict standard.
4. Mail your completed application to the address below. Read the small print, you should read it thoroughly. The following are some of the secrets that you should learn:

A. Do not provide false negative verifications such as providing credit card information to a bank or financial institution. Some employers investigate your credit worthiness, and may use this type of online application to get you approved.
B. Do not provide information to minors. You must read the fine print before you apply online. The consequences can be very serious if you turn 18.

C. Do not increase your credit limit. The higher the number, the more you will be able to use this card. However, don’t increase your credit limit if you can simply pay your application by phone.

D. Do not give out credit or debit card details online. You should check out the website and internet for the answers to these questions.

2. Do not apply for any credit at all.

3. Use a secured credit card instead of a traditional credit card.

Credit Card Scoring System Guide

The World Bank has declared credit card use illegal and all others to be illegal. By using a credit card the user simply becomes obligated if the card is not paid for. The only situation wherein the rules for credit card finance differ is where a consumer works and pays for without being able to credit or pay the interest. The situation might be dire with a trip or a business transaction but again the customer’s credit is limited as he can hardly be bothered with other transactions.

For transactions of the kind that is not necessary the card operates the following procedures. The transaction is to be completed by the credit card company, and all relevant documents are to be submitted in a specified expedited and uncoupled time.

Item A is an initial amount, from which must be reached the actual balance due the bank.

Item B is the balance amount due, from which must be paid the creditors.

This contains the list of additional cards to be used for a transaction and the following are to be considered top picks:

‘ Citibank’


‘ State’

‘ Discover’

‘ EMI’

‘ Capital One’

‘ United Mileage Plus card’

The card is also under the control of the cardholder and may be used as the credit card or debit card by paying in an over-limit sort order.

The total cost for a credit card transaction needs to be determined by the card company and the cost has to be paid in full each billing cycle.

Transaction Fees

The fee charged to cardholders for paying for a single card transaction is a small monthly fee.