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Credit Card – Beware Of Unauthorized Charges

When you fill out an application, the credit card company sends you a notice informing you that if you do not live in the residence of the credit card company, you cannot claim your credit cards. With a good credit history, businesses include your existing credit card reports in their reports when determining whether or not to issue a credit report to you. There are also statements included in the application which states, in few cases, that you have good or excellent credit. Generally, any fraudulent use of the credit card is immediately reported to the issuing bank. However, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) issues rules and regulations to help consumers in protecting their credit and in ensuring that their accounts are never opened if they have not had a receipt by the due date.

Knowing what the costs of your credit card accounts may look like can be helpful in your quest to have a secure and easy way to get the most out of your credit card. Unfortunately, any unauthorized charge will hurt your credit report and will negatively affect your ability to claim credit card privileges and to make regular payments on your credit card bills.

Before applying to any credit card company, be sure to research the options for your particular situation. If you are afraid to apply for a credit card online, a credit card theft investigation site may be an answer for you. You may want to view all the credit card fraud sites that exist. To establish new credit accounts, victims will want to investigate suspicious activities of their credit card accounts. If you find fraudulent activity on your credit reports, you may want to make a separate cut of your credit report to better protect your credit worthiness.

By checking using a site that lists all the sites with the names, addresses, phone numbers, and contact information of each credit card company, you’ll be able to determine which sites and credit card companies are participating in the investigation of your credit reports. This information can help you in choosing the credit card that is most suitable for you and your finances.

Finding the right credit cards for your financial situation is crucial for your financial success. Before choosing a particular credit card company, be sure to consider the needs and drawbacks of each. The credit cards you frequently use or that are commonly used for your purchases will all help to determine which sites, and companies, will be most appropriate for you and your finances.

Credit Card Fraud 101

There is no excuse for the very crime that we all feel is most damaging to our lives, and that is credit card fraud: misuse of your card. Fraudsters use your credit card and, when you use them wrongly, charge you more money than you actually do and/or you are unaware of any fraud – literally ruining your report and costing you more in interest & fees than the fraudulant you claim you can control. More specifically, imagine a fraudster taking out an online shop – through your credit card – through your website using specially designed automated technology – by clicking through your website address bar at your website.

The technology they use is called Fraud Gateway. This is an honest-to-goodness Greek word for ‘verification hole’; on the web address bar, the error page they enter, will look for illegal clickbait web addresses. These legitimate address engines check for illegal but legitimate sites, and if they find them, they filter them out and forward them back to you as credit card fraud. Once they find you’ve been a victim of credit card fraud, they will use the information you provide about you to manipulate this new worthless currency into paying you more in interest & fees – which in many cases is cheaper than what you’re actually paying now! Sounds silly?

Unfortunately, you’re not alone. In fact, the statistics are changing very fast – mainly because, money is a scary thing and credit card fraud is one of the fastest growing crimes in the internet age. Only a few years ago, it took almost hour upon hour to write a letter to a bank, and it took all that time and manpower to get a post signed ‘Deposit’ from a transaction to get to the mailing address. With modern technology and a rapidly moving internet, fraudsters and hackers can physically get hold of your information and, in some cases, days, without you even knowing it has been stolen. Nowadays, phone lines are inundating with automated telephone calls coming in the form of text messages and emails, all claiming to be from the top level customer service or the bank. The fact is, there’s literally no way your identity has been stolen!

Even the most unscrupulous thieves aren’t always clever if they do not fully implement the new technology.