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Credit and Credit Repair

Credit and credit repair is always a real challenge. It does involve applying for loans, making late payments, missing payments, and dealing with creditor’s who seem unwilling to help you. If you ask for your credit report, you can get a FREE quote up front or even after the fact. If you want to know if you’ve fallen off your credit card bills or even if you are applying for credit cards, you’ll find out from your credit report.


If you are applying for credit cards and/or other loans, you may find out one or more creditors are imposing terms upon you during the application process. These terms include late payments or fees, and you must follow up on all of them, if permitted to do so. For instance…

These are the terms of an organization that has researched your needs and wants to assist you in repairing your personal credit rating. These are acceptable terms for a number of reasons, not the least of which is your payment history.

Most creditors are willing to agree to lower or decreased fees for your use of the services of the organization, and agree to shorten your application period if sufficient time has expired for you to finish using the service of the organization.

If your payment history is inadequate or if lenders do not know about your outstanding problems, an organization may consider ending your application unless it determines that you meet the following criteria:

You have a history of not making payments on time
You have had a dispute against the creditor in the past that has been resolved
You provide information that indicates that information the organization can reasonably expect to receive from you in the future will be relevant to your current situation, such as requesting an expanded credit history or establishing that you will be able to maintain a credit card account in the future.
The requirements for establishing a credit history are vague and vary from creditor to creditor. For instance, some credit repair organizations may require that you establish a credit history before applying to apply for credit.

Do There Have to Be Fee Waivers?

Although credit repair organizations may be seeking to hide their fees, waived services, or other hidden fees, many do offer waived services to serve as a “service waiver” for consumers who would not otherwise be entitled to receive services from a creditor. Fee waivers, in this context, are similar to non-fees waived for certain services. When you search for a free credit repair service online, be sure to check fees and require that you pay for them, if any, in order to be considered a “service waiver” consumer.


For example, only certain types of services are free to the public. Not all are covered by the services that you are asked for, and in addition to the costs you pay, some of which charge high membership fees, late payment penalty, or other circumstances beyond the purview of the services that you are asked for.

Here are some of the fees that may or may not be imposed on you with respect to some of the most popular credit repair services:

Late Payments. Sometimes called a “fee paying” service, a fee for making a late payment with the intent of clearing the debt during the specified time is not required under the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).

Shortened Application Period. When the length of the shortened application period varies from place to place, try to pay as little as possible to reduce or clear the debt before waiting for another application period after you’ve applied for credit again.

Providers of Debt Management Services. Another type of free credit repair service is an agency or company that provides debt reduction services to potential creditors. Agents or companies that provide debt consolidation services to either or both clients or potential creditors must be licensed and/or certify to be licensed and/or maintain income and ask for a certification fee before they advertise their services.

Does my service replace old debt?”

If you really need to clear out your accounts, you could always simply do a debt consolidation service and request a free loan document from your creditor instead of simply clearing them through a debt consolidation service. But there will be a fee and you’re not guaranteed any type of loan repayment.

How do I get my information and charges off my credit files?

Online credit reports and consumer credit reports are not really information files, so you can get many things at the same time, for instance your credit report may be changed in the future. Online credit reports are very different from traditional information files.

In addition to the information about you and inquiries you may have to provide by mail, postal mail, or in person regarding your financial health, you may also have a report called Your Credit Report.