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Cheap Credit Cards – What’s The Catch?

Fraud protection is often a top concern for consumers. Consumers are particularly keen to deal with online credit card fraud since they see online credit card fraud as one of the highest percentages of any kind in the UK.

This is where the trouble starts when someone transfers or uses something on the Internet, and then only after some form of verification does the application accept that the transaction was legitimate. If the person uses some form of fraudulent information to get credit or get a loan it is likely this will be verified fraudulently and the person is apt to get into trouble.

Here’s a fact that most people do not want to deal with – fraudulently – however it does have its problems.

Most people who are aware of the dangers of online credit card fraud understand that all forms of credit card fraud are illegal. This makes it quite difficult to stop or even make any changes to the security of your computer.

So let’s take a look at what these different types of credit cards can do for you.

The First Type of Credit Card – Lets face it; fraud is everywhere!

For starters if you see a credit card with your social security number stolen, or any other identifying information stolen from you, immediately report the thief to your local Crime Stoppers immediately.

Secondly you can also call your credit card company – they are very tough so call them a couple of times a day when you’re dealing with fraud concerns – and they’ll help you – and get involved with anti-fraud services, as well.

There are many variations on this technique, so using the same technique can give you a bad deal over someone with no evidence to back up their claims.

The Consumer Credit Protection Act states that:

Any person who knowingly gives false, misleading or incomplete information, or commits an offence under this Act, can, if he or she is a resident of the Commonwealth, be arrested and prosecuted.

So, if you think something on your credit card seems to be fraudulent, call your credit card company and report the offence to them immediately.

Remember, you are never 100 per cent 100 per cent at home with your credit card company so you should be prepared for a full-on cyber-attack by anyone trying to steal your identity (probably someone at your bank) so why bother? Well according to the law you weren’t the only one having an issue because the Consumer Credit Protection Act gives you the right to be 100 per cent at home with your credit card.

The next important piece of advice is to call the nearest credit card company and get them the information that is relevant – this will give you the most up-to-date information and will help you to avoid situations where you could damage your credit rating.

They are not in court but it is up to you to prove that you aren’t part of the wrong people. So it’s simple – even good people can have an issue with your credit card online.

Consumer Credit Protection Act 1990 states:

No person shall knowingly give false or misleading information, or commit an offence, without the explicit consent of at least one of the credit card holder(s) in writing and signed by the information.

The act also provides that no person may commit an act of fraudulent misrepresentation unless the credit card provider or another credit card issuer has been proved to have shown that the information has been received or received in a truthful form and the credit card issuer and the credit card holder have agreed to assume the responsibility for any compensation claimed for the matter.

The FCBA states in detail you can be charged with 90 days in jail and a fine of $50 plus 2d 20 penalty points (a consumer agrees to pay the fine in full if the fine is less than $50 and in case the fine is less, the law specifies that 90 days is a higher fine).

Below is our handy guide to help you in your search for “lowest” credit cards and how you can best protect yourself against scams and theft.

Pay more than the Minimum Deposit!

If you just started your first credit card credit card, you may have seen ads like these:

“This card holder will charge no interest for the balance transfer”

“I’m sure you’ve seen this ad in the paper”

These ads would also have you angling for your first interest free credit card. These are usually written in large red space baragan(!).